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Top Web Scraping Services Provider - Data Scraping Company - USA

iWeb Data Scraping is a leading Web Scraping Services Provider and Data Scraping Company that offers affordable web scraping services in the USA, Canada, UAE, Germany, and globally.

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Trusted by 1200+ Companies Across the Globe

Transforming Billions of Web Pages into Actionable Data

iWeb Data Scraping helps you harness actionable insights by transforming vast web data into structured formats, empowering informed decision-making, and enhancing business strategies effectively.

Web Scraping Services

We offer comprehensive web scraping services tailored to extract and deliver accurate, structured data from diverse online sources. Our solutions ensure data quality and compliance with legal standards and support strategic decision-making across industries for enhanced operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Web Scraping API

Our API empowers developers to seamlessly integrate data extraction capabilities into applications, efficiently fetching structured information from websites. It supports scalable data retrieval, ensuring real-time updates for business intelligence, market analysis, and other data-driven applications with ease and reliability.

Mobile App Scraping

Leverage our Mobile App Scraping services to collect valuable insights from mobile applications. We provide robust solutions for collecting data such as user reviews, ratings, feature usage, and competitor analysis. Our services ensure compliance with app store policies and deliver actionable data for strategic decision-making and market research.

Web Data Scraper

Our advanced web data scraper services provide accurate and efficient data extraction from various websites. Our solutions cater to diverse industries, delivering valuable insights for market research, competitor analysis, and business intelligence through reliable and customizable scraping tools.

Explore our comprehensive data scraping services tailored to extract actionable insights from various sources efficiently and ethically.

Why iWeb Data Scraping Leads Among Global Web Scraping Companies?

Unparalleled Data Scraping Excellence: Precision and Reliability

At our core, we ensure unmatched quality and consistency in data scraping. Leveraging state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our stringent data quality checks proactively identify and rectify issues, all included in our standard service at no extra cost to you.

Our automated alerts inform you of real-time data changes or site structure updates. Every data set undergoes rigorous AI-powered quality assessments supported by automated and manual validation methods. We meticulously monitor thousands of signals daily to ensure seamless data delivery without disruptions.


Cutting-Edge Web Crawling Infrastructure: Unmatched Scalability and Reliability

Our advanced platform is engineered for unparalleled scalability, enabling rapid web crawling at thousands of pages per second and daily data extraction from millions of pages effortlessly. Designed to tackle the complexities of modern web environments, our robust infrastructure seamlessly handles CAPTCHA challenges, intricate JavaScript or AJAX interfaces, and IP blocklisting with utmost transparency.

Featuring extensive browser farms and a global footprint, we ensure comprehensive coverage and resilience across diverse geographical regions. Our innovative self-healing technology adapts swiftly to website modifications, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance and data accuracy.


Strategic Data Insights and Analysis

Gain a competitive advantage with iWeb Data Scraping's strategic insights and analysis. Tap into years of industry expertise to understand competitor strategies and leverage web-based data effectively. Discover actionable insights to navigate the evolving online landscape and optimize business performance.

This addition highlights how iWeb Data Scraping empowers clients with strategic data insights and analysis, enhancing their competitive edge in the market.


Expert Insights for Competitive Advantage

Benefit from our seasoned professionals, each boasting extensive industry experience across various sectors. Engage in insightful conversations free of charge and without any commitment to sign-ups. Discover invaluable strategies to leverage web-based data effectively in today's dynamic business landscape, gaining a competitive edge and optimizing your online presence.

Contact us today to speak directly with our experts and explore how we can empower your business.


Our Datasets

Explore our meticulously curated datasets, offering high-quality information for a wide range of applications. These datasets are designed for seamless integration, providing valuable insights to support informed decision-making and foster innovation across various industries.


eCommerce Product Datasets

Gain detailed insights into eCommerce products with our datasets, essential for market analysis, pricing strategies, and understanding consumer behavior.

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Grocery Datasets

Our grocery datasets provide detailed information on grocery items, pricing trends, and consumer preferences, aiding in market analysis and strategic planning.

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Food Datasets

Access comprehensive datasets on food products, including nutritional information and culinary trends, to enhance your analysis and decision-making.

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Real Estate Datasets

Explore real estate datasets featuring property prices, locations, and features, sourced from leading apps like Zillow,, and Redfin.

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Travel Datasets

Capture travel trends, popular destinations, and consumer preferences with our travel datasets, crucial for tourism analysis and strategic planning.

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Quick Commerce Datasets

Analyze Quick Commerce datasets to uncover key trends and patterns in the rapid delivery service industry, driving insightful business decisions.

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OTT Datasets

Our OTT datasets offer streaming platform data from top services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max.

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Company Datasets

Tailored for businesses, our comprehensive company datasets deliver critical insights for strategic planning and informed decision-making.

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Our Store Location Data

Our store location data provides precise information on addresses, operating hours, and contact details. It supports market research, competitive analysis, and strategic planning, ensuring businesses have accurate and actionable insights for optimal decision-making and operational efficiency.


No.1 On-Demand Web Data Scraping Service Provider In USA, India, UK, And UAE

Automated web workflows occur weekly
158.4 TB
Web data transferred weekly
301.2 M
Web pages crawled every week
12.4B API
Requests are processed weekly.
45.6 PB
Images and multimedia content fetched weekly.

“We were searching for a web scraping company for our requirements of mobile data scraping, and iWeb Data Scraping has provided us a pretty good experience! They are professionals in offering web scraping services. We recommend them to you if you have any data scraping requirements.”

Dale Phillips California USA

“Being a travel company, we searched for the web scraping company that can fulfill our travel data scraping requirements from competitors’ sites. Team iWeb Data Scraping has worked extremely well and offered us great results. We are constantly using their scraping services now!”

Catherine Brown, New South Wales, Australia

“Being a travel company, we searched for the web scraping company that can fulfill our travel data scraping requirements from competitors’ sites. Team iWeb Data Scraping has worked extremely well and offered us great results. We are constantly using their scraping services now!”

Christina Wolson London, UK

“Dealing with iWeb Data Scraping was an entirely new experience for us. They are very calm and confident and worked with nearly everything regarding our data scraping requirements! 5 Star ratings for their web scraping service.”

Emma Schneider Hamburg, Germany

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