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Web Scraping for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Many businesses use Web Scraping for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve efficiency and productivity. RPA technology can automate repetitive and mundane tasks traditionally performed by humans. Custom RPA solutions can be designed to meet the unique needs of your business. This technology is used in several countries, such as the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, India, and UAE.

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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is all about automating the daily tasks performed by humans in any business.

These daily, mundane and repeatable tasks include copying and pasting data from one system to another, clicking buttons, logging in to various applications, transferring data between applications. Millions of employees in every sized business perform a series of steps to glue together separate business applications and apply a set of decisions and logic to these actions.

A significant portion of these repeatable tasks, especially the ones where humans are just used as “interfaces” between applications can and should be automated using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Why automate using Robotic Process Automation Solution?

  • High Human Cost

    The billions of human hours spent on these inefficient processes are a massive drain on business expenses. As companies are looking at maximizing efficiency, these hours spent are getting an increased focus from all kinds of businesses. Trillions of dollars are spent annually on sustaining inefficient processes, employing more staff to simply click buttons and copy paste data from one system to another. Savings from automation will directly add to the bottom line through a simple expense reduction.

  • High Error Rate

    Humans are bound to introduce errors in any process, especially those that are repetitive and mundane. As you login to the same website multiple times a day, copy/paste from one site to another hundreds of times a day, click the same set of buttons in sequence, the chances of errors creep up every day. Once the error rate goes up, countermeasures to reduce those errors result in hiring more staff to perform QA (Quality Assurance) or supervisors or managers to oversee an army of humans, all leading to higher costs

When to use Custom Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Custom Solutions

Not every Robotic Process Automation can be built using off the shelf products and tools. Some products require enhanced customization, higher level of security and compliance needs. We can build custom solutions for you.

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Robotic Process Automation Use Cases

  • Small Business Robotic Process Automation

    One huge area of business expense for small businesses is payroll costs – especially in the “administrative” areas that do not directly generate revenue for the business. Back office operations, admins, data entry clerks etc. Even eliminating one of these functions will lead to huge costs savings for any small business. Quick ROI is possible and you can start saving payroll costs in a week. Look around you and see if you have staff spending time all day logging into websites or accessing web pages, copying data from one place to another, clicking a series of buttons or links and navigating through websites – all this can be automated easily and you can reap the benefits of lower payroll costs in a week

  • eCommerce Backoffice RPA

    No one can argue that eCommerce is the future and increasingly businesses are selling goods online and at multiple marketplaces and through many channels – be it their own website, a Shopify or Magento store, Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc. The same product needs to be added to each channel and store and then kept updated – quite a complex task. Trying to do this manually is prone to errors and if this activity isn’t done frequently, it is extremely hard to stay competitive in today’s hyper-competitive retail environment. Automate these activities (even partially) and you will see a significant improvement in sales and a decrease in error rates.

  • Advertising and Marketing RPA

    Another multi-channel business process – you need to be everywhere all the time to advertise and market your goods, brands or services. Not doing this is not an option in our online world. Countless hours are spent adding descriptions, images, video to all these channels and then countless more hours are spent tracking the progress for each channel. How are ads performing across the various medium and channels? (Google Adwords isn’t the only one anymore) How are the various marketing efforts performing – inbound, outbound etc – logging into each application every hour and gathering reports, downloading, copying, pasting, consolidating – if this is how you run your business today, you need to seriously look at automating this process today.

  • Accounting Robotic Process Automation

    Invoices, Payments, Banks logins, PayPal, SaaS accounting packages. Copying and Pasting, searching, clicking through multiple systems everyday to keep the numbers in sync is a full time job for millions of accounting professionals all over the world. The chance for errors and the processes put in place to “double check”, “triple check” everything, supervisors, auditors, business process QA teams – all lead to a significant drain on the resources of any company – whether that is a one person business or one with hundreds of thousands of global employees. All these processes are ripe for automation.

  • Human Resources Robotic Process Automation

    Jobs, Candidates, Learning Management System (LMS), Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Job sites – Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn jobs – there is a whole world of websites, user interfaces, logins etc that fill up human resources departments all over the world. Imagine even a small reduction in that effort through automation – maybe 10%, 25% reduction – translate that to cost savings. It is all possible today.

  • Real Estate Robotic Process Automation

    There were days when one entry into your local MLS would be sufficient. If that is all you are still doing for your listings – for sale or rentals, you are far behind the curve as compared to what other agencies and agents are doing today. Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Hotpads, Apartments – the list is endless – adding entries, updating them, checking property views, responding to queries – you can automate a good portion of these activities and get back some time to spend on actually growing your business.

We have just cited a tiny fraction of the use cases for Robotic Process Automation.

Reach out to us and let us explore how RPA can benefit you and save you money today

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iWeb Data Scraping is one of the best web scraping service providers in the world for a reason. We work with businesses to help identify what data and scraping solution would best suit their requirements.

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Our platform was built for scale - capable of accessing the web at thousands of pages per second and automating data from millions of web pages daily. Our global infrastructure makes large scale data automation easy and painless by handling complex JavaScript and Ajax based sites transparently

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Real-Time Scraping APIs

Scrape Vital Business Data Using our Real-Time Scraping APIs

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