Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 22, 2022


This Privacy Policy outlines how we gather, utilize, reveal, and secure information about visitors and users. All terms mentioned herein are defined in our Terms of Service.

Your use of our Service constitutes acceptance of this Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with any part of this Policy, kindly refrain from using our Services.

Our core mission revolves around providing our clients with reliable, compliant, and ethically sourced data while ensuring the highest privacy protection standards. Operating globally, we remain vigilant in keeping pace with the evolving landscape of privacy laws, including strict adherence to regulations such as the European Union's GDPR and California's CCPA. For California residents, we encourage you to refer to our CCPA Privacy Notice, conveniently located after this policy.

This Privacy Policy caters to active users of our services and individuals whose personal data may be processed within our operations.

Please take a moment to delve into the intricacies of our privacy policy or contact us with any queries regarding our policy or compliance with data legislation.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information, as defined in this Policy, refers to data or a collection of data that directly or indirectly identifies an individual. We are committed to not disclosing, selling, renting, or lending any Personal Information to third parties unless explicitly outlined in this Policy.

Exclusion of Usage Data

On the other hand, Usage Data consists of encoded, anonymized, or aggregated information that we gather about a particular group, category of services, features, or users. This data does not contain personally identifiable information. We utilize Usage Data to comprehend usage trends within our Service, enabling us to enhance features and tailor the Service accordingly.

Additionally, apart from utilizing Usage Data internally, we may share it with third parties such as our customers, partners, and service providers for various purposes. These purposes include but are not limited to understanding our customers' needs better, improving the Service, and utilizing it for advertising and marketing endeavors.

Privacy Assurance and Data Handling Commitment

  • Information provided through our website inquiry forms is securely protected, stored, and processed.
  • Personal details such as name, contact number, and email address are solely used to communicate with you about our services.
  • We guarantee that any information shared with our company will not be disclosed or distributed to third-party entities for marketing or other purposes.
  • We employ advanced technologies and protocols to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.
  • Collected data enhances our services, manages client accounts, facilitates communication, and optimizes processes.
  • Our commitment to secure data handling ensures the complete security of information shared with us.

Enhancing User Experience Through Website Cookies

On our website, we utilize cookies to gather relevant information and provide you with a better user experience. Your control over these cookies is paramount, and you can manage them through your browser settings. You can opt to accept all cookies, reject them automatically, or configure your browser to notify you whenever a site attempts to send you a cookie. It lets you decide whether to accept cookies whenever you visit our website.

What We Collect:

Through cookies, we collect various pertinent information, including:

  • IP address
  • Screen resolution
  • Geographic location
  • Preferred language
  • Device type
  • Date & time of visit

Purpose of Cookie Usage:

Using cookies allows us to:

  • Recognize your device and IP address, storing information about your preferences.
  • Save details about pages visited, links accessed, and materials downloaded from our site.
  • Personalize your browsing experience based on your preferences and interactions.
  • Enhance the functionality and performance of our website.
  • Understand collective user behavior to tailor site content and functionality for an optimal visitor experience while maintaining individual privacy.

Note: It's important to mention that these cookies do not provide us with remote access to your systems or any confidential information you haven't explicitly shared.

Managing Cookies:

If you prefer not to share any information or data, you can turn off cookies by adjusting your browser settings. However, please be aware that this may impact your user experience and restrict your access to our website's full benefits.

Legal Basis for Data Processing

Our data processing activities are grounded in legal and regulatory frameworks. Processing of user data is deemed necessary for fulfilling contractual obligations, protecting our legitimate interests, and complying with legal mandates. Furthermore, our public data processing aligns with our legitimate interests, ensuring it does not infringe upon users' fundamental rights and freedoms.

Data Utilization

We collect user data for diverse purposes, including setting up user accounts, providing customer support, communicating updates and marketing offers, and conducting statistical and analytical research to enhance service quality.

Sharing and Security

We prioritize user privacy and confidentiality. While we do not rent or sell user data, we may share public data with users to facilitate service delivery. Personal information may be disclosed to trusted third-party service providers, partners, subsidiaries, and affiliates for service provision and legal compliance. We employ industry-standard security measures and adhere to strict internal procedures to safeguard data against misuse and leakage.

Your Rights and Choices

We empower users to exercise control over their information. Users can update or delete their data, subject to legitimate business or legal requirements. Additionally, EU residents enjoy specific rights concerning their personal information, which they can assert by contacting us.

Data Retention Policy: Safeguarding Your Personal Information

iWeb Data Scraping prioritizes the responsible retention of your data, holding it solely for the period necessary to achieve its original objectives or fulfill legal obligations. Our comprehensive review and retention policies are rigorously enforced to ensure adherence to data storage standards.

If you consent to the use of your personal information in direct marketing endeavors, we preserve this data until you opt to revoke your consent. Upon receipt of your withdrawal request, we expeditiously erase your data using established company protocols.

This meticulous approach underscores our commitment to maintaining transparency, accountability, and privacy throughout our operations. By upholding these standards, we effectively navigate legal requirements while prioritizing protecting your personal information. Our dedication to these principles instills trust and confidence in our clientele, affirming our commitment to ethical data management practices.

Legal Basis for Processing: The processing of User Data is indispensable for fulfilling our contractual obligations to users and delivering our services effectively. Additionally, it safeguards our legitimate interests while adhering to legal mandates. We recognize the importance of maintaining a balance where our interests do not infringe upon users' fundamental rights and freedoms.

Utilization of User Data: User Data forms the cornerstone of our service delivery model. We leverage this information to tailor our services to your needs. It includes setting up user accounts, providing comprehensive support, and informing you about service updates, marketing offers, or addressing concerns. Moreover, we employ statistical and analytical research techniques to continuously enhance the quality of our services, ensuring they remain relevant and efficient.

Processing of Public Data: Public Data processing is conducted within the confines of our legitimate interests. However, we ensure this processing does not supersede users' fundamental rights and freedoms. Public Data may be utilized to enrich user experience and provide our services effectively.

Ensuring Data Security and Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials:

Periodically, we showcase customer testimonials on our Sites. These testimonials may include Personal Information, and we always obtain explicit consent from customers before publishing their names alongside their testimonials.

Protection of Information:

iWeb Data Scraping prioritizes the security of your Personal Information. We implement commercially reasonable technological, physical, and administrative security measures, such as firewalls and robust security features, to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data within the Service and our Sites. When you input confidential information (such as login credentials or data submitted within the Service), we encrypt the transmission using secure socket layer technology (SSL). These measures ensure that your data remains safe, secure, and accessible only to authorized individuals. However, it's important to note that while we employ stringent security protocols, no internet, email, or electronic transmission is entirely foolproof. Therefore, we advise caution when transmitting sensitive information to us electronically. Additionally, please note that we cannot guarantee third-party platforms' functionality or security measures.

We are deeply committed to safeguarding your information and employ various security measures to protect it. While we take every reasonable precaution, we cannot guarantee the security measures of third-party platforms.

Your Data Privacy Rights

Wherever you reside, you may have certain data privacy rights, and iWeb Data Scraping is committed to facilitating the exercise of those rights.

European Privacy Rights:

Suppose you are located in the European Union ("EU") or the United Kingdom ("UK"). In that case, additional details about the personal data we collect and your rights under the EU and UK General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR") are provided in this section.

Your Privacy Rights under the GDPR include:

  • Transparency and Information: This Privacy Policy explains how we use and share your personal information. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact us at
  • Access, Objection, Correction, Erasure, and Portability: You have the right to access, object to, restrict, correct, erase, or transfer your personal information. You can also withdraw your consent to process your personal information.
  • Opt-Out from Direct Marketing: You can opt-out from receiving marketing materials by following the instructions in our emails, contacting us, or adjusting your preferences on the Site. Note that some communications, such as transactional emails, may not be excluded.
  • Protection from Automated Decision Making: We do not use automated decision-making processes that negatively impact you. However, we utilize cookies and similar technologies for personalization and to recommend products and services of interest to you. You can find more information or opt out in our Cookie Policy.
  • Lodge a Complaint: If you believe your privacy rights under the GDPR have been infringed, you can complain to a supervisory authority. UK users can contact the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

For privacy inquiries or to exercise your rights regarding your data, contact us at We're here to assist you promptly.

Your California Privacy Rights

If you are a California resident, this section provides additional insights into the personal information we collect about you and your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA") and California Privacy Rights Act ("CPRA").

Under the CCPA and CPRA, you have the right to request:

Access to Details: You can request details about the categories or specific pieces of personal information we collect and sell, including how we use and disclose this information and to whom we may sell it.

Deletion of Personal Information: You have the right to request the deletion of your personal information.

Correction of Inaccuracies: You can request corrections to any inaccuracies in your personal information.

Opt-Out: You can opt out of any "sale" or "sharing" of your personal information, including sensitive personal information, and you won't be discriminated against for exercising these rights.

Submitting a Request:

You can submit a request to exercise your California privacy rights through our privacy rights form or by emailing We will verify your request using information associated with your account, which may require further identification. You may also designate an authorized agent to act on your behalf.

Response Timing and Format:

iWeb Data Scraping responds to verifiable consumer requests within 45 days of receipt. Responses will cover personal information collected in the preceding twelve months and will be provided in a format that is readily accessible and understandable.

Designating Agents:

Individuals can designate an authorized agent to act on their behalf when making CCPA-related requests. However, specific requirements must be met, including providing written authorization and verifying the identity of the authorized agent.


iWeb Data Scraping assures that individuals will not be discriminated against for exercising their CCPA rights. It means that individuals will not be denied goods or services, charged different prices, or subjected to different levels or quality of service based on their choice to exercise their privacy rights under the CCPA.

Data Retention Policy

At iWeb Data Scraping, we prioritize the responsible handling of your personal information. Our retention practices ensure data is stored for the necessary duration to fulfill service requirements, comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce policies.

Retention Period Determination: We assess retention periods based on the type of information collected and its intended purpose. We strive to balance data retention needs with privacy considerations, aiming to immediately dispose of outdated or unused information.

Data Management: We reserve the right to rectify, replenish, or remove incomplete or inaccurate information at our discretion, ensuring the integrity of stored data.

Information Warranty Disclaimer: While we maintain stringent security measures, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy, correctness, or security of all gathered, stored, or disclosed information. Users should review third-party terms and conditions and privacy policies when sharing information online.

Change of Ownership: In instances of ownership or control changes, such as acquisition, merger, or sale, we may transfer user data and public data stored in our systems. Users acknowledge potential data handling changes in bankruptcy, insolvency, or receivership scenarios.

Privacy Policy Updates: We reserve the right to revise our Privacy Policy at our discretion. Users are encouraged to check for updates regularly, with amendments reflected in the "Last Updated" section. Continued use of our services post-policy changes constitutes acceptance of the amended terms.

Contact Us

If you suspect our Privacy Policy hasn't upheld your privacy or believe there's been a breach while using our services, don't hesitate to contact iWeb Data Scraping at Our dedicated Privacy Officer will promptly investigate any reported concerns to ensure compliance and address issues effectively.

Furthermore, in line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), iWeb Data Scraping has appointed representatives from both the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) to handle GDPR-related matters.

These appointed representatives are key contact points for addressing GDPR-related inquiries, ensuring compliance with GDPR, and facilitating communication between data subjects and controllers. Their role underscores our commitment to transparency, accountability, and protecting your privacy rights under the GDPR framework.

Ensuring Security

We prioritize the security of your personal information by implementing robust administrative, technical, and physical security measures.

Authorized Access: Only authorized employees can access personal information not published on the Site. Their access is strictly limited to necessary business functions.

Regular Review: Our security and privacy policies undergo periodic review and enhancement to ensure effectiveness. Access to non-published personal information is restricted to authorized personnel.

Encryption: We employ encryption protocols to transmit personal information between your system and ours. This adds a layer of security to safeguard your data.

Firewalls and Intrusion Detection: We utilize firewalls and intrusion detection systems, along with our partners, to prevent unauthorized access to your non-public information.

Internet Submission Disclaimer: While we take extensive security measures, please be aware that submitting online information is not entirely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted via the Site. Any submission of information online is done at your own risk.

We are committed to protecting your personal information through stringent security measures, but please consider the inherent risks associated with submitting information online.

Age Restriction Notice: This Site is Not Intended for Children

This Site is Not Intended for Children: Our website is designed for a general audience and does not cater to individuals under 18.

Individuals under 18 are prohibited from providing information on or through the Site. We do not knowingly collect or share personal information from anyone under 18.

If you are under 18, refrain from using the Site, providing any information, registering, or utilizing any interactive or comment features. It includes abstaining from disclosing personal details such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, or any screen name or user name.

Should we become aware of any individual under 18 providing personal information, we will promptly delete or destroy such data. If you suspect we may possess information from someone under 18, please contact us immediately.

Our commitment to protecting the privacy and safety of minors is of utmost importance, and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a safe online environment for all users.

Modifications to Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is current as of the last updated date provided above. iWeb Data Scraping reserves the right to make updates to this policy at its sole discretion, with any revisions posted on the Site. Your ongoing use of the Site or provision of personal information to iWeb Data Scraping following the publication of an updated Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of any alterations. We recommend periodically reviewing this Privacy Policy for amendments, which can be identified by the "last updated" date displayed at the top.

For inquiries concerning this Policy or iWeb Data Scraping's privacy practices, please feel free to email us at We are committed to addressing any questions or concerns you may have promptly and professionally.