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Web Scraping and Data Extraction Services in the USA

Web scraping services, such as iWeb Data Scraping, specialize in creating web scrapers that can extract data from websites in countries like the USA, UAE, UK, Australia, and Germany without detection. These services can also scale the process from scraping a few hundred pages to millions of data pages.

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What IWeb Data Scraping?

Web scraping is used to extract or “scrape” data from any web page on the Internet.

Copying a list of contacts from a web directory is an example of “web scraping”. But copying and pasting details from a web page into an Excel spreadsheet works for only a small amount of data and it requires a significant amount of time. Web scraping takes the pain out of this experience by automating the whole process.

Web scraping is performed using a “web scraper” or a “bot” or a “web spider” or “web crawler” (words used interchangeably). A web-scraper is a program that goes to web pages, downloads the contents, extracts data out of the contents, and then saves the data to a file or a database. Read more about the basics of web scraping here in our article What IWeb Data Scraping.

iWeb Data Scraping has the experience and the technological scalability to handle web scraping tasks that are complex and massive in scale – think millions of pages an hour scale.


Enterprise Grade Web Scraping Service

Web scraping at an Enterprise scale requires technologies, skills, and experience that can work at that level.

Whether that is the sheer number of websites that need to be tackled, manpower required to set them up, or the volume of pages and speed at which they need to be scraped.

Enterprise scale scraping has a unique set of challenges which we have addressed over the years working with some of the biggest global companies to harvest web data at an enterprise scale.

If your planned needs are huge and you are just starting to address them, or whether your current web scraping service provider cannot handle the enterprise level scalability and quality, it is time to get in touch with us.

We have the experience to handle massive scales while being very cost-effective at the same time – something that cannot be replicated easily or rapidly within an organization.

Having worked with some of the biggest companies in most industries has given us valuable industry-specific experience. Our portfolio includes billion dollar companies in industries such as Finance, Retail, Health, Industrial and Manufacturing, Technology, Social Media, Entertainment, Travel, and Hospitality which helps us to get started with minimal industry level context.

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How Does A Web Scraper Work

Below are the steps a web scraper follows to extract data from a website:

Web Crawling

It all starts at the data source and deciding which data fields we need to extract. Once we have a clear understanding of the requirement we can start building a crawler to find the data in the website. These web crawlers, crawl the website and visit the links that we want to extract data from.

Data Scraping

In this step, we extract and parse the meaningful data elements from the raw scraped data that is in HTML format. In some cases extracting data may be simple such as getting the product details, job or business listings from a web page or something complex like filling a form to extract specific information.

Data Formatting

The data extracted using a parser won’t always be in the format that is suitable for immediate use. Most of the extracted datasets need some form of “cleaning” or “transformation”. Hence the data extracted needs to be formatted into a human-readable form such as CSV, JSON, or XML.

Types Of Web Scraping

Depending on your requirement and expertise level you can choose any one of the following web scraping methods to get started:

  • DIY Scraping

    This is suited for people who like to get their hands dirty and learn how to scrape websites themselves for personal projects.

  • Scraping Tools

    For users with minimum to no coding knowledge, web scraping tools and software allow users to scrape data fast. These solutions are easy to use and are helpful to monitor a few websites at a reasonable budget.

  • Custom Scraping

    There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to scraping. Custom scraping provides the ability to create a solution based on specific requirements such as scraping multiple websites regularly for millions of data points.

Why IWeb Data Scraping

iWeb Data Scraping is one of the best web scraping service providers in the world for a reason. We work with businesses to help identify what data and scraping solution would best suit their requirements.

Customer Focus

Customers love to work with us, and we have a 98% customer retention rate. We have real humans that will talk to you within minutes of your request and help you with your data scraping need

Data Quality

We have implemented automated data quality checks which utilize AI and ML to identify issues in the scraped data. This ensures that the data being delivered is of the highest quality


Our global infrastructure perfected over time make large scale data extraction quick and easy by handling complex JavaScript/Ajax sites, CAPTCHA, IP blacklisting etc. in a transparent manner

IWeb Data Scraping Legal

Although web scraping is a powerful technique in collecting large data sets, it is controversial and may raise legal questions related to copyright and terms of service. Most times a web scraper is free to copy a piece of data from a web page without any copyright infringement. This is because it is difficult to prove copyright over such data since only a specific arrangement or a particular selection of the data is legally protected.

Legality is totally dependent on the legal jurisdiction (i.e. Laws are country and locality specific). Publicly available information gathering or scraping is not illegal, if it were illegal, Google would not exist as a company because they scrape data from every website in the world.

Real-Time Scraping APIs

Scrape Vital Business Data Using our Real-Time Scraping APIs

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