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1MG is an Indian-based healthcare website. It was launched in 2015 to make products, services, and medical information more accessible. The site contains invaluable information that is helpful for business purposes. If you are looking for an accountable destination for 1MG Medicine Data Collection, you are at the perfect place. iWeb Data Scraping provides exceptional 1MG Medicine Data Scraping Services across the USA, UK, UAE, Canada, India, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, and the Philippines.

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Scrape Medicine & Healthcare Data from 1MG

If you are engrossed in the medicine business and looking to design a website, leverage the benefit of data collection in healthcare services to monitor the competitors' moves. With a pharmacy website, medicines get easily discovered in your home. To order online, go to the website and order from anywhere and anytime.

Our healthcare and medicine data scraping service provide access to wide data and ease the process of data modification for predictive reports and analysis.

List of Data Fields

Healthcare is one of the best sectors where data is growing at fast pace. We are the leading 1MG Medicine Data Scraping Services provider to extract data from any healthcare website. We scrape the following data fields from 1MG:

  • Medicines name
  • Price List
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Pack Size
  • Discount Price
  • Drug Category
  • Medicine Description
  • Category
  • MRP Price
  • Subcategory
  • Pack Info
  • Prescription
  • Medicine Purchase Reminder
  • Refer Doctor Online
  • Medicine Inventory
  • MFG Date
  • Expire Date
  • Number & Side Effects

Scrape 1MG for Public Health Analysis

Large amounts of data are available over search engines and social media platforms. With the help of our 1MG scraper, we help obtain critical information, map population health patterns, and make informed treatment options. The scraped data is in a structured format, including CSV, JSON, XML, or Excel, depending on your preferences.

Analyze Prescription Drugs Pricing

Doctors, patients, insurance firms, and the pharmaceutical industry are concerned about the rising prescription costs. We help scrape data from any 1MG pharmacy app to assist you in keeping a close eye on competitors' policies, analyze the prescribed drugs' pricing patterns, and get the correct prices for maximum profits.

Competitive Analysis

Our 1MG Medicine Data Collection service help scrape information to track how your competitors are providing services. This data includes the most frequently ordered OTC medicines, delivery details, brands, compositions, etc. It will help strengthen your position in the market and get an advantage over your competition.