Chewy Scraper

Use the Data Collector tool to retrieve publicly available data
from Chewy.

Instantly crawl whatever data you need from Chewy and export
the structured data to a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, CSV),
email, HTML, JSON, or API..

Decide where to send the data: via webhook, email, Amazon S3,
Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SFTP, or API.

Key features:

  • Data scraping without coding – easy to use
  • All-in-One platform integrates with our industry-leading
    proxy networks
  • Utilizes proprietary site unlocking technology
  • Adapts to site changes: when Chewy changes its site
    structure Data Collector will adapt
  • Infinitely scaleable – collect as much data as you need
    quickly and completely
  • Fully-compliant with industry best practices and privacy
    regulations (GDPR, CCPA)

Chewy search products

Sample Input
horse feed
Sample Output
                "category_url": "https:\/\/\/s?query=book\u0026nav-submit-button=",
                "url": "https:\/\/\/cat-behavior-answer-book\/dp\/151495",
                "name": "The Cat Behavior Answer Book",
                "image": "https:\/\/\/is\/image\/catalog\/124369_MAIN,1494861994",
                "current_price": "13.91",
                "rating": 4.25,
                "reviews": 4,
                "is_new": "no"

Chewy catalog discovery

Sample Input
Sample Output
                "category_url": "https:\/\/\/b\/dry-food_c294_p1",
                "url": "https:\/\/\/blue-buffalo-life-protection-formula\/dp\/32041",
                "name": "Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken \u0026 Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 30-lb bag",
                "image": "https:\/\/\/is\/image\/catalog\/46861_MAIN,1636150597",
                "current_price": "55.98",
                "old_price": "62.99",
                "rating": 4.6147,
                "reviews": 2577,
                "is_new": "no",
                "level_1": "Dog",
                "level_2": "Food",
                "level_3": "Dry Food"

How it works

  • STEP 1

    Choose the website you would like to scrape public data from, in real-time.

  • STEP 2

    Select the frequency: real-time or scheduled, and delivery format: JSON, CSV, HTML, or Microsoft Excel.

  • STEP 3

    Decide where to send the data: webhook, email, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SFTP, or API.

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