How to Effortlessly Scrape Product Listings from Rakuten?


Rakuten is a prominent Japanese eCommerce and online retail company renowned for offering enticing cashback deals to its customers with every purchase, regardless of the small expenditure. With its integration across many online stores such as Walmart, NIKE, Best Buy, Target, and other major brands, Rakuten boasts an impressive array of products.

Functioning as a central hub within the realm of electronic commerce, Rakuten holds the potential to significantly enhance e-Commerce ventures for both individual and professional sellers on a global scale. Realizing this potential, however, hinges upon a comprehensive understanding of Rakuten, including its product listings. In this context, employing web scraping techniques to extract Rakuten's product listings emerges as a viable strategy.

A comprehensive guide addressing the nuances of scraping Rakuten's product listings can prove invaluable. This guide encompasses various facets, spanning Rakuten's advantages, historical significance, and an overview of the scraping process, all attainable without coding skills. By delving into this guide, readers can anticipate gaining valuable insights into Rakuten's offerings.

Web Scraping Rakuten Website


Hailing from Tokyo and holding a prominent position in the E-commerce realm, Rakuten is often called the 'Amazon of Japan.' This notable platform provides a comprehensive gateway for its customers and offers various coupons, promo codes, and substantial discounts made available by numerous retailers. One of its most appealing features is providing cashback opportunities through online rebates, enabling individuals to accumulate savings with every purchase. Web scraping e-commerce sites helps gain detailed insights into product offerings and pricing.

List of Data Scraped from Rakuten


Rakuten is a dynamic force, housing a vast data repository from some of the largest online brands worldwide. Consequently, abundant valuable information resides on this platform, ripe for extraction through dependable scraping tools or software. The spectrum of data available for extraction spans nearly all conceivable product categories hosted on Rakuten:

  • Product listings
  • Product specification
  • Product price
  • Product image
  • Seller prices with details
  • Customer reviews
  • Sales rank

Scraping the Rakuten e-commerce website yields a substantial wealth of information. This treasure trove of data has the potential to enrich and amplify your business endeavors greatly.

Existence of Rakuten API


Rakuten offers several public APIs across various service categories, including eCommerce, flight reservations, recipes, and more. The eCommerce API is particularly noteworthy as it furnishes extensive information about products listed on Rakuten's platforms and features like shopping carts. This Rakuten API is a valuable resource for developers and corporate entities seeking to leverage Rakuten's capabilities.

Rakuten provides a systematic approach to accessing these APIs. The process involves several steps:

Identify the Relevant API: Select the appropriate API from the array of services Rakuten provides, primarily focusing on the eCommerce API.

Parameter Testing: Thoroughly evaluate the request parameters associated with the chosen API. This step ensures that the data retrieved aligns with your requirements.

Application ID Requirement: To harness the power of Rakuten's API, you need an application ID. This unique identifier grants access to the API's functionality and data.

By methodically following these steps, you can successfully gain entry to Rakuten's APIs and achieve your desired objectives.

Significance of Scraping Rakuten


Scraping Rakuten offers many advantages, encompassing a vast range of data on this online retail platform. Product listings and citations emerge as pivotal assets in propelling grassroots e-Commerce enterprises. Let's explore these significant benefits of extracting information from this e-Commerce site:

Competitor Analysis: Gain a comprehensive overview of your competitors' strategies, including their entire product catalog, sales rankings, and pricing details. With this information, you can devise more effective strategies to differentiate yourself and excel in the market.

Market Research: Delve into the landscape of resellers and competitors within your target market offering identical products. This insight empowers you to refine your market approach and outperform your rivals.

Customer Insights: Extract valuable customer reviews for specific products to help discern customer preferences, intentions, and inquiries. This understanding facilitates tailored marketing and improved customer engagement.

Online Retail Arbitrage: Utilize the extracted product specifications, especially from products with the lowest prices, to compile Excel or Google Spreadsheets data. This data can then list products on alternate marketplaces, optimizing retail arbitrage opportunities.

Monitoring Unauthorized Sales Channels: By scraping product listings, you gain access to a wealth of information regarding sellers who undercut reseller prices. This data aids in identifying potential parallel importers or sellers of replicas, allowing you to take necessary measures.

Scraping Rakuten's data presents a transformative range of advantages that can substantially enhance your e-Commerce endeavors.

Volume Handling: A scraper can handle a large volume of reviews, which may be challenging to collect manually, ensuring a comprehensive dataset.

Steps to Scrape Rakuten Without Coding


While embarking on Rakuten data scraping, a dependable and user-friendly web scraping tool becomes paramount. This tool offers a seamless web scraping experience without the intricacies of coding.

Step 1: Input Rakuten Page URL for Scraping

To scrape product listings from Rakuten, proceed by entering the desired Rakuten website URL into the designated search bar. With this done, clicking the "Start" button will trigger automatic page detection and loading.

Step 2: Choose Data Fields and Formulate a Workflow

The extracted data is available in the preview section upon successful auto-detection. At this juncture, create a workflow and refine your requirements through the Tips panel to ensure the extraction of all pertinent data from Rakuten.

Step 3: Initiate Data Extraction from Rakuten

If you find no further alterations, you can seamlessly commence the data scraping process by clicking the "Run" button. Following a brief period, the scraped data will be available for download in formats such as Excel or others of your preference.

Conclusion: Rakuten holds a prestigious position among globally renowned eCommerce platforms, positioning itself at the forefront of the industry. Despite its Japanese origins, Rakuten's business influence has transcended geographical boundaries, fostering substantial growth. Given its stature as a significant player in the retail sector, the data encompassing its product listings holds profound significance. Thus, there exists a compelling imperative to engage in Rakuten data scraping services to enhance the vitality of your online store. By delving into this guide, you equip yourself with the knowledge to harness Rakuten's data effectively and fortify your e-store's endeavors.

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