Extract Price and Other Details from Zapkey Web Scraping


Zapkey is a platform that collectively standardizes publicly available property registration information, especially for residential properties. However, this helps buyers, brokers, sellers, developers, and financial institutions make quicker, more informed, and more confident decisions. Zapkey is a renowned platform for guaranteed home sales. It was founded in 2020 to provide customers with a unique and transparent experience in helping them buy and sell homes in the best way. Zapkey Technologies Private Limited owns the company.

The best part is that Zapkey offers to guarantee the property sale within three months or even less. It uses reliable data to check the selected properties and then offers the sellers an offer price. Once accepting the offer by the seller is made, an MoU is shared and signed. Then, sellers receive a token amount.

More than 90% of real estate purchase decisions are made based on the data available on the internet, especially the data available on various websites, including Zapkey. This data is essential for the success of both agents and companies in the real estate sector. The data is collected using web scraping. Web scraping in real estate automatically collects property data from the listings provided by several websites. Details of several properties within a locality are available in a structured table format as a database or a spreadsheet. By using this data, you can quickly make informed decisions.

Web Scraping Price and Other Details from Zapkey

Web scraping the Zapkey website ensures a massive amount of `precise and credible real estate info. These insights help in boosting your company and earn profitable rewards. Scraping property details from Zapkey ensures you can offer high-performance real estate services and solutions for customers’ benefit.

List of Data Fields


Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Property Type
  • Size
  • Location
  • Sale Price
  • Amenities
  • Parking Spaces
  • Agents
  • Monthly Rental Price

Advantages of Zapkey Web Scraping

  • Perfectly Set Your Property Value: Don’t shoot in the dark while selling your property. Perform research by keeping an eye on similar properties and their value. Scraping eases market research and helps get the best deals.
  • Maximize Rental Yields and Long-Term Sustainability: Rentals yield is the most crucial consideration when investing in real estate. You can quickly determine which properties in the neighborhood have the best rental yield, which property types are prevalent in the region, and which have the highest ROI value.
  • Track Vacancy Rates: Investing in an abandoned building might be risky. With enough scraped data, you can find the reasons for the increased vacancy rates and make the right decisions.
  • Invest like a pro: Web harvesting has the potential to get you fresh and accurate real estate data for investment analysis.

However, choosing the right Zapkey scraping service provider is essential. When choosing one for scraping property data from a real estate, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Monitoring is the first aspect you must check while hiring a service provider. If the one you choose doesn’t have the right technologies, you will face data loss, money, and wastage of time.
  • Data Delivery Methods: Reliable service provides data in a structured format for easy compatibility and usage according to your data analysis systems.
  • Support: Always choose a company that has a responsive customer support system. Any unresolved issue may lead to data loss.
  • Data Quality: Make sure that the data they provide are high quality. Poor-quality data can duplicate records and has no fixed schema.

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