Global Fashion Retailer Enhances Competitive Edge with Our Fashion Retail Data Scraping Services

A Canadian fashion retailer utilized our retail data scraping to gain insights into competitors' product availability and pricing strategies.

The Client

Canadian Fashion-Retail Company

iWeb Data Scraping Offerings: Scrape fashion retail data for competitor products and prices using data crawling services

Client's Challenge

The client sought to scrape fashion retail data to overcome limited competitor pricing and product availability visibility. Additionally, they aimed to address challenges related to obtaining fast and reliable global pricing data, which is crucial for understanding market dynamics. Furthermore, the client aimed to tackle the highly diverse final prices for luxury items from customs and shipment charges. By leveraging retail data scraping, the client aimed to gain comprehensive insights into competitor product offerings and pricing strategies, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing their competitive edge in the fashion retail landscape.

Our Solutions: Fashion Retail Data Scraping

In response to the challenges faced, our fashion retail data scraping services deployed a comprehensive set of solutions to address the client's needs:

Selection of iWeb Data Scraping: The client opted for our AI-driven pricing and product matching platform due to its exceptional data speed and accuracy. Recognizing the importance of quick implementation, the platform's global presence, and the ability to seamlessly consume data through a JSON formatted file shared over AWS, we emerged as the ideal choice.

Data Refreshment and Precision: Leveraging proprietary AI/ML algorithms, we systematically scraped over 113,000 SKUs from competitor websites worldwide. This process refreshed daily and provided up-to-date and precise pricing information, empowering the client with real-time insights into market dynamics and competitor strategies.

Advanced Matching Capabilities: Beyond data scraping, our innovative tool facilitated exact product matching with an impressive accuracy rate of 99%, enabling the client to gain deep competitive insights. By meticulously analyzing pricing and availability changes across 9 competitors spanning 7 geographies, the client possesses actionable intelligence to refine pricing strategies and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Web Scraping Advantages

Leading Technology: Our solution employs cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms to revolutionize fashion retail data extraction. These sophisticated technologies ensure unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, setting industry innovation standards.

Extensive Coverage: We scrape data from various fashion retailers, offering comprehensive insights into product availability, pricing dynamics, and emerging trends. Our extensive coverage provides clients a holistic understanding of the market landscape, empowering strategic decision-making.

Customizable Solutions: Our platform offers customizable solutions tailored to meet each client's unique requirements. With flexible scraping parameters and customizable focus areas, we empower businesses to align our services precisely with their strategic objectives and operational priorities.

Timely Updates: Clients benefit from our commitment to timely updates through daily data refreshes and real-time monitoring. It ensures they can access the latest and most reliable fashion retail insights, enabling agile decision-making in a dynamic market environment.


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