How to Collect Data on Used Cars from Dubizzle-Dubai?


Dubizzle is a popular classified platform for users in Dubai. In 2005, the company became the number one platform for customers to buy, sell, or find anything within the community. It is a community where the underused commodities redistribute to satisfy new needs and for use again. Dubizzle is the best place to sell your car. Over the past 15 years, the company has become a ruling online car marketplace for buyers and sellers. The company has become the best place to sell and buy used cars, with more than 20,000 cars listed monthly.

Importance of Collecting Used Cars Data from Dubizzle

In the past few decades, the used car industry has transformed drastically, and data drives it, which will grow to $1.9B by 2027. Data, however, empowers businesses to plan based on trends, facts, and statistical numbers.

Data mining or web scraping is extracting massive data from the targeted website. Thanks to modern technologies, data collection has become very easy. With several sophisticated scraping service providers like iWeb Data Scraping, the process is no more a hassle.

The scraped data help analyze industry trends, collect customer reviews, ratings, and track fluctuations in used car prices. However, data extraction is a perfect solution to expand your automotive business.

Why Scrape Used Cars Data from Dubizzle?


Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Used Cars Customers are Significantly Moving Online: After the Covid-19 pandemic, most customers prefer online modes to research, compare, and purchase used cars instead of visiting the dealership.
  • Comprehend Client Purchasing Patterns: Utilized car industries are leveraging the power of data extraction to extract information from competitors like Dubizzle, and other locally well-known sites, to more readily comprehend buyer purchasing patterns like
  • The car type from classes, including Cars, Hatchbacks, and SUVs that are in demand from the purchasers
  • Explicit models
  • Normal price tags
  • More features that purchasers pay special attention to
  • Dynamic Business Strategy :The data scraping of used cars from Dubizzle helps understand the market pulse and streamline the process accordingly to serve better.

Different Data Fields Scraped from Dubizzle


Various data fields are scraped from Dubizzle used car website. Some of the standard data are as follows:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Price
  • City
  • State
  • Fuel Type
  • Interior & Exterior Color
  • Transmission
  • Product Description
  • Miles
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
  • Product Image URL

Scraping tools modify per the requirement of gathering information or targeting only a few or single data. The information is available in an organized way to offer vital information to the companies. Depending upon the data, they can upgrade their system and services to enhance their offerings.

Use of Dubizzle Used Cars Data


Following are the multiple ways in which Dubizzle scraped used car data are helpful to enhance business.

  • Used Car Price Information: With the rising contest, pricing has become the primary factor in giving your business a competitive edge. By understanding your competitor’s pricing strategy, you can efficiently work on your pricing plans and ensure that your offerings are highly competitive and appealing.
  • Ratings and Reviews of Used Cars: The ratings and reviews scraped from the used car site can assist you with grasping the car models, varieties, make, and more. The reviews can also give insight into flaws, if any, and help organization enhance their features and services.
  • Foster an Evaluating Equation: The information accessible online can help understand how different factors impact used car pricing. Understanding the relationship between valuing and different variables like the condition, year of assembling, model, mileage, and drive type can assist organizations with fostering a strategic estimating equation.

Collect Used Cars Data from Dubizzle using iWeb Data Scraping

Monitoring certain important used cars' data requires an authentic web scraping service provider. iWeb data Scraping can develop custom web scraping APIs for the website to gather data cost-effectively.

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