How to Do Android Mobile App Result Page Data Extraction Using iWeb Data Scraping Services?


Mobile app data scraping is not a new technique. However, it is the most effective technique used for collecting necessary data in a short span. The prime advantage of this technology is that it helps businesses to extract meaningful information, but it is not limited to the web. Mobile solutions offering high-end services directly to the core users are an undeniable fact. And no wonder mobile app data scraping is in high demand among businesses who wish to reap the utmost success in the e-commerce world. Whether iOS or Android, mobile app scraping allows users to collect data from both the apps running on smartphones or tablets.

Where the world has entered into complete digitization and with the mobile market continuously booming, mobile solutions serve users as a prominent on-the-go alternative to the similar internet services they usually access from their PCs. Nowadays, many users constantly access innumerable e-commerce apps and social media. When it comes to shopping, people prefer to shop online rather than physically visit stores. This has opened the corridor for multiple businesses to collect mobile app data from these applications and use them for multifaceted needs. These include catalog and product information, details and requirements of security procedures, etc.

Before delving deep into mobile data scraping, let's first get a brief insight into what data scraping is.

What is Data Scraping?

Data scraping or web scraping are both taken as a single term. It collects information from a website or any mobile application, either on a spreadsheet or any local file. It is one of the efficient processes to avail data from the web or to channel it to another website. Some of its primary uses are:

  • Helps in researching web content
  • Compare pricing for any travel booking sites
  • Conducting market research by crawling public data sources
  • Transferring product data from the e-commerce sites to other vendor sites.

Types of Data that an Android Mobile Apps Scraping Fetch

Modern technologies are not only complex but multi-layered. This has caused several essential details to get layered deep in mobile application coding. But, with mobile app data extraction, it has become possible to fetch the necessary information from the Android solution. Below mentioned is some of the information that can be obtained through scraping mobile data:

  • Web content application: Scraping data enables the users to retrieve application content and customer details.
  • Content compliance: Helps in monitoring mobile app information. You can easily spot the differences if it coincides with a website version. If you find any difference, it can quickly get figured out.
  • App framework: Android mobile app data collection: can help you understand the interconnection between the app's UI and MVC architecture.
  • App data sources and attributes: Android mobile app data extraction: enables users to check the interlinking of the app display and the links the data are derived from. At the same time, fetching an app's excellent features and attributes and figuring out its popularity can also help any business stay ahead of its competitors.
  • Real-time information: To stay updated or understand the business's performance, it becomes crucial to scrape every minute of mobile app data. However, scraping mobile app data gives you real-time information, especially in travel, food, or e-commerce industries.

Who Requires Android Mobile App Scraping Services?

  • Companies or Individuals who need to monitor their competitor's capabilities and applications continuously
  • E-commerce analysts who need to scan products, prices, and special offers to stay ahead of the competition
  • Travel pricing experts who need to track offers on websites and mobile apps
  • Users who want to know the logical data used in the apps
  • Developers who develop mobile applications and check updated market-preferred solutions and trends

Advantages of Scraping Mobile App Data

Advanced approaches and strategies to android mobile app scraping services effectively deliver valuable and relative information in multiple spheres. Listed below are some of the significant benefits of mobile app data scraping:

  • Perks in understanding consumer needs, demands, assumptions, and suggestions from mobile apps they use
  • Obtaining the details of solutions and locations to teach them about future customer apps
  • Figure out any loopholes and drawbacks in the existing products
  • Keeping data secure, safe, and in a format that is convenient to use

Challenges Adhered to Mobile app Scraping

You need to understand that mobile app scraping differs from web scraping. It requires the utmost skills and experience to perform. Hence it is essential to get the scraping done by a well-known data scraping services company with adequate knowledge of every detail required in the process. However, some of the significant challenges that you can experience with mobile app scraping are:

  • Figuring out how the data is transmitted
  • Identifying how the app gets connected to the server
  • Identify the correct protocol used by the app
  • Process the data gathered from the mobile app.

Scraping Data in 5 Easy Steps


No matter whether you are in the travel industry, hotel industry, real estate, or e-commerce, these five steps will lead you to successful data scraping:

  • Choose a tool for data scraping: To do web scraping, the first and foremost step is to select tailored-made tools that suit your needs. Though several ready-to-use software might seem easy to use, they will not allow you to make enough configuration changes. Regarding the programming language, Python is considered the most popular one owing to its simple syntax, easy learning curve, and availability of multiple external libraries.
  • Scraping a single web page and analyzing the components: Before scraping product information, you need to access the page and derive the complete HTML page from analyzing and preparing any strategy. The HTML page data will be available either in specific pairs in tags or text within tags. You must specify which tag to extract data from and then run the code on a loop.
  • Decide on Storage Strategy: Before scraping the data, you must decide where to store your data. This is because processing your data will depend on where you will keep it.
  • Create a list of web pages: Though you are testing a code on a single page, you want to crawl thousands of pages. You can save the links in an array and then loop them over it while scrapping the pages.
  • Write the code and test: Always remember that not all pages you are looking to scrap have similar structures. Hence, it would help if you made the required changes

Several companies have already made their way into mobile app data scraping services and are continuously helping their customers with their impeccable services. iWeb Data Scrapping is a well-known service provider that deals extensively in web scraping and mobile data scraping. The company's advanced mobile app grinding services provide easy access to curated, relevant, and advanced mobile scrapers per your needs.

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