How to Extract Airbnb Data?


Searching Airbnb listing is the way of getting accommodation anyplace in today’s world. We will discuss how to utilize Airbnb Scraper for scraping Airbnb data about rental offers, size, reviews, prices, and hosting details.

Airbnb has developed into the biggest marketplace to rent local housing around the world. Any successful business plan must endure limitless replication attempts, captivation, and disparagement. The host loves it for suitability, and the guests love it for flexibility, smooth UX, price offerings, and a sense of endless wanderlust possibilities.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb doesn't have any properties as its business depends on providing a shared area where guests and hosts can quickly get each other or work on the technicalities to lodge with the minimum possible headache. The most shared Airbnb listing might be a flat for one or two rooms; however, it's effortless to get accommodation offers like a futuristic orb, a boathouse, or a castle! Besides house rental, you could also get all the packages of tours called "Airbnb Experience," that puts Airbnb with a set-up of the digital traveling agency instead of 3rd party rental services.

The accessibility of adaptable filters provides guests a feeling of total control about how well the lodging experience would go. They could get an effortlessly fitting place in a city center. They could easily compare pricing and remove the hostile spots by examining the negative experience comments. All these search options mean comprehensive data openly accessible and ready to get composed and studied for individual business requirements.

Why Extract Airbnb Listings?

If you are on one side of the story to try and find an ideal getaway spot or wonder if it might rent out or pay off your place during the pending tourist season, extracting Airbnb rental data could provide a solution.

It's not that you can't visit a website, copy and paste relevant data from that, and od comparison in some Excel sheets. However, it would take years and great effort. As you're thinking about having a team of expert copy-pasters, some challenges are still there that an Airbnb dataset would need to deal with:

  • How can we rapidly classify them by price, size, special features, and easy travel?
  • How do we ensure that the data is efficient and doesn't get inaccuracies or mistakes?
  • How do we recognize the ones which fit the best - by analyzing the reviews?
  • How many accessible listings are available in areas of interest?

You don't need to answer these questions if you get a program to gather and arrange that data like an Airbnb Scraper. Instead, extracted Airbnb data is data also. However, when you analyze this data in a broad context, you will get patterns in the results that will assist you in knowing more about the customers, a particular market segment, and ongoing trends.


Is it Airbnb Data Scraping Legal?

Yes, you can legally scrape Airbnb data publicly available on the internet. However, you still want to adhere to some regulations, mainly when extracting information, which might get protected by copyrights or could have personal data. Those comprise the American CCPA or European GDPR for personal data with DSM Directive in an EU or reasonable doctrine usage in the US.

Scrape Airbnb Data: Use Cases

Let's discuss the reasons why you should extract Airbnb data. As the use cases differ across the world, some of them stand out:

  • Analyze guest preferences, including housing size, price range, features, accessible infrastructure, etc.
  • Do market research if looking for an ideal place.
  • Get emerging trends in the traveling industry.
  • Help your decision-making using data while opening or visiting any new spot ahead of the most widespread touristic paths.
  • Monitor pricing changes for listings and makes for the future tourist season.
  • Study Airbnb remarks and recognize the most popular locations in the town.
  • Zoom in for up-and-coming areas and target new tourist offers.

These are only some examples of how to apply extracted Airbnb rental data. You'll undoubtedly think about it once you download the first dataset.

Step-By-Step Guide to Scrape Airbnb Data (Without Any Coding)

Step 1. Get Airbnb Scraper on iWeb Data Scraping Store

Visit an Airbnb Scraper and click on “Try for free”. In case, you’re not signed to iWeb Data Scraping Console, you have to create your account that you can do using Google to accelerate the procedure.

These are only some examples of how to apply extracted Airbnb rental data. You'll undoubtedly think about it once you download the first dataset.


Step 2. Select the Required Data for Scraping

Let's try to scrape Airbnb rental lists accessible in Sacramento. You could expect a scraper to find all the information, including reviews, prices, ratings, total guests, and guest or host information for these places. Usually, that might be sufficient for a scraper to do the job; however, you could add additional parameters also, like date range, price range, total reviews, and more. To do that, type Sacramento, California, in your Location field.


Step 3. Running the Data Scraper

Once you figure out the inputs, click on the orange-colored Start button. Your job will change the status to Running; therefore, wait for a scraper's run and finish. This will be only a minute before seeing the quality and change to succeed. You will see that the search will give us the initial 30 results as we've limited it to 30; however, in general, this scraper won't stop until it finds all the required data.


Step 4. Download the Airbnb data

As you can get the overview of results in an output tab, to find the entire data, go to the Storage tab. You could download the dataset in different formats: JSON, CSV, HTML table, RSS feed, Excel, and XML. Preview data just by clicking the 'Preview button or 'View' in the new tab if a dataset is more extensive. You may also download the extracted data to your computer for further use as the spreadsheet, include that in other apps, or process that for Airbnb data projects.


As you understand how to extract Airbnb data, it's easy to play with input parameters to see how much data you could get in very little time. You can share results here or check other traveling industry scrapers.

For more information about Airbnb data scraping, contact iWeb Data Scraping now! You can also reach us for all your web scraping or mobile app service requirements.

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