How to Extract Data From Google Map Business Listings?


Initially, when people were visiting unknown places, they used to ask locals to know the direction of the place. But today? It's not the case because of Google maps. It is not only known for directions, but it also helps to list businesses and generate leads online.

How is it possible? you'll know the answer if you know about Google My Business. It helps to create a business profile on Google for free, where people can search for their requirements on Google, and it results in your business growth if you are running a business in that place.

Let's know what Google My Business is in detail. For example, if a user searches for an auto garage near me, he will find your garage if you have listed your garage on Google My Business. If it is so, you'll attract customers to your business, and they will be able to fulfill their requirements in less time.

To study which kind of customers can come to your store and their volume, you need to scrape Google business listing data. Do check the process to Extract Data From Google Map Business Listings below.

What kind of data can we scrape from Google Business Listing?

As already discussed, Google Maps not only helps you to find directions to places, but it helps you to list your business using its feature Google My Business. Simply, it enables you to get new leads to your business locally. Therefore, you can consider scraping business data like business names, addresses, ratings, reviews, and service prices for better understanding.

Further, you can also use it to lead generation from cold outreach marketing techniques. Here you can get the database of your target customers from Google maps and other websites like their contact numbers and email addresses. After outreaching them via calls and emails, you can divert them to visit your offline store or online business profile.

We can help you grow your business using Google Business Listings by extracting contact details and emails of target customers.

Let's go into detail and learn how to scrape data from iWeb Data Scraping.


How to Extract Google Maps Data Using iWeb Data Scraping API?

To scrape Google Maps business listing data, open Then go to the website API section and find Google Maps Scraper. You will be redirected to a new page of Google Map Scraper. Now follow the below steps.

  • Click on Get Started
  • Enter the URL into Scraper API.
  • Continue to scrape data
  • Download the data

Click on Get Started


Once you go to the google map scraper, you will see the Get Started Button on the screen. Click on that to go ahead with the data extraction.

Enter the URL into Scraper API


After opening the Get Started option, you will see the form to fill out. In that, place the URL of Google Maps from which you want to extract Business Listing Data.

Continue to Scrape the Data


After submitting the URL, click the continue button on the screen below the form. It will start scraping the data from the target URL with the designed algorithm in the backend using proxies.

Download the data


Once the process is done, you will get the data in a structured format. Here, you can stop the process after some time. Once stopped, you will get the from the submitted URL. Then you will see View and Download options. If you click on the view, you will see the data. You can download that data in CSV, JSON, or XML format and save it to your device.


Easy? You don't even need a code to scrape the data. Furthermore, you don't need much time for it either.

Grow your business in minimum time. This tool allows you to scrape Google listing data for one month. If you need to use it for a long time, contact us to know more.

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