How to Extract Google Shopping Data Using Python?


Our Google Shopping Extractor scrapes data from the Google Shopping website in all country domains with Google SERP. This extracts the results on first result pages.

What does a Google Shopping Extractor Do?


Google Shopping Extractor will help you scrape product data from Google Shopping under all country domains. It extracts the initial result pages and information about all products and their sellers. This is created on the open-source IWeb Data Scraping SDK, and you can work both on IWeb Data Scraping platforms.

Our Google Shopping Extractor can extract:

  • Product’s Name
  • Pricing
  • Information
  • Reviews

Why Extract Google Shopping Data?


Google Shopping is an excellent data source for all industries. From clothing to tech, it's a wonderful place to scrape data for price monitoring and market research.

Here are some ways using which you can use these data:

Market Research

Observe which products are available in the marketplace, and analyze to find out how to do marketing of your products. Discover who your challengers are and ensure there is a marketplace known for your products.

Price Monitoring

Get the perfect deals by regularly scraping pricing. See how the competitors are pricing products and make your winning pricing strategy.

Product Research

If you wait for the products to become available again, extract regularly to get the first to understand as you can buy it or find insights about what's available in the market to create your products.

How to Extract Google Shopping?

It's easy to extract Google Shopping data using Google Shopping Extractor. Just follow some few steps to get your data within a few minutes.

Click ‘Try for free’.

Enter search terms or keywords you wish to extract. Or enter the URL and start scraping.

Then click on the option Start.

While Google Shopping Extractor has finished, download or preview data from a Dataset tab.

Tips to Scrape Google Shopping Data

Here's an important tip to scrape Google Shopping data. If you wish to filter search using product data like (pricing range, model, color, etc.), open a Google Shopping website in a different browser window, enter your keyboard in a search bar, and use filters. When you are finished, copy a web page URL, and paste that into an extractor's input fields!

Is it Legal to Extract Google Shopping Data?


Web extraction is legal. However, you should know that personal data is defended by GDPR and by different regulations across the globe. You should not extract personal data unless you have a genuine reason to do it. Discuss your motivation with your lawyers if you're unsure if your cause is real.

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