How to Extract TikTok Videos and Music with Detail Scraper Script?


TikTok is not just a social platform comprising several funny videos. It is a strong tool for several businesses to research opinions, main trends, and opinion leaders that are highly popular on TikTok. This application grew as a major space for teenagers to showcase their dance moves and lip sync. However, it is no longer a Chinese app, but it has occupied a special place for authentic dialogues, new trends, and advanced search.

For TikTok scraping, you must require a special tool that helps monitor and extract data from bulk content available on TikTok daily. Using a web scraper, you can easily extract video data, followers, comments, and nearly everything beneficial for your business.

Requirement of Scraping TikTok Data

TikTok scraping gives valuable data in bulk. Let’s understand why are TikTok videos and music details scraping needed:

  • Get and analyze the metrics of average TikTok users interested in special accounts.
  • Main trends per TikTok shares.
  • Ideas and thoughts that are quite popular

Using TikTok scraper, you can easily obtain information on opinion leaders having targeted audiences like yours. The main objective of each TikTok scraper tool is to stay effective for social listening goals. It will help you accumulate the information you require.

According to Comscore data from Adweek, 2020, TikTok jumped from 2.2 million unique visitors in January to 39.2 million in April.


Scraping TikTok Data

Here, we are categorizing TikTok data into four segments and performing scraping actions accordingly.

👤 Collect videos posted by users

❤️ Users liked videos

⛄️ Creating users lists

📈 All trending videos

TikTok Scraper Capabilities

The tool has the following major capabilities:

  • Extract metadata from the user, hashtag, and single video pages
  • Download unlimited post metadata from the user, trends, hashtag, or music-ID page.
  • Sign URLs and generate a custom request to the TikTok API
  • Scrape and download user, music feeds, hashtags, and single videos in batch mode
  • Save post metadata in the CSV file

At iWeb Data Scraping, we scrape TikTok videos and music with a detailed scraper script. All the videos get downloaded with descriptions. Musics get downloaded with title, original name, and image. All data are saved in CSV format to make it readable.

Here we will extract TikTok videos and music with detail scraper script.

Collect Videos Posted by Users

Here we will be using TikTiok-Api by running pip3 install TikTokApi

We will collect videos from the Washington TikTok post account. We will perform this task using Python.


In the above section, the user_videos object comprises more than 90 video dictionaries. But, we are only interested in just a few stats.


Now, from the API output, user_videos lists, we will create it in a more structured form.


The output file will look like this.


Scrape Users Liked Videos

Here, we are interested in collecting data from the videos liked by users.


The output file will resemble the one that we obtained from posted videos.


Aggregate Users List

Suppose you are looking to aggregate a huge list of users from where you can collect videos they post and like. Hence, we will perform the below function for four different accounts.

Tiktok, washingtonpost, charlidamelio, chunkysdead

The code that we used is as follows:


And finally, we got a list of suggested users


Another method to create a huge users list is via getSuggestedUsersbyIDCrawler

However, to create a list of 100 suggested accounts using tiktok as a parent account, you will require the following code:


The output will be a list containing several different celebrity accounts. Some are as follows:


However, we found that using getSuggestedUsersbyIDCrawler method enables us to find a more precise account that has ten thousand followers.

Scrape All Trending Videos

Here we will perform a scraping task for scraping the trending videos using API.


Finally, the output file will be like this:


Conclusion: Scraping TikTok videos can be beneficial, as it is an ocean of both statistical and sociometric information from the most popular source across the world. However, to successfully obtain TikTok data, it is essential to choose the proper reliable toolkit.

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