How to Perform Web Scraping Projects for Indian Startups?


The Indian Government defines startups as not more than seven years old, headquartered in the country, and having an annual turnover of fewer than 250 million rupees. The Government schemes for startups are the prime factor that has contributed significantly to the acceleration of small-scale businesses.

In this highly competitive global market, startups can only reach their full potential with external aid, and this is where the government schemes for startups in India came into existence. They play a significant role in formulating long-term goals and perspectives, ensuring the success and development of the business.

But, to stay competitive, businesses must always stay alert about new strategies their competitors are implementing to stay ahead. But how to track this? It is where the role of web scraping comes into play. The web scraping of Indian startups ensures that all the essential information relevant to the industries, facilities, funds, products, and more is collected.

In this blog, we will perform a project on web scraping for Indian startups:

Part 1:

Importing required libraries

  • Requests: It is the HTTP library to access the URLs easily.
  • BeautifulSoup: It is essential for scraping HTML pages.
Importing-required-libraries.jpg Importing-required-libraries-01.jpg

We will now scrape the HTML pages by filtering the HTML tags.

We-will-now-scrape-the-HTML.jpg We-will-now-scrape-the-HTML01.jpg

Now, the data we found are as follows:

Now,-the-data-we-found-are-as-follows.jpg Now,-the-data-we-found-are-as-follows01.jpg

Part 2:

Here we will go in-depth into the Indian startup funding data and try to gain information about the startup investment market.

We will try to explore the data by answering the below questions:

How does the funding ecosystem change with time?

  • What’s the role of cities in funding?
  • Which industries are favorable for investor funding?
  • Major investors in the Indian ecosystem?
  • What is the amount of funds that startups get in India?

Import Required Libraries

  • Pandas: It saves data into a data frame and performs operations.
  • DateTime: It converts stored data in string format to date-time format.
  • Re: Extract value from string using a pattern.
  • Matplotlib and seaborn: For data visualization.

Now, we will perform EDA. But, before that, whether the data is clean to avoid errors.

  • Make the Column name easy to read.
  • Convert date and amount columns in date-time and float format for processing.
  • Check and clean Null and incorrect values in columns.
Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that.jpg Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that01.jpg Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that02.jpg Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that03.jpg Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that04.jpg Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that05.jpg Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that06.jpg Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that07.jpg Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that08.jpg Now,-we-will-perform-EDA.-But,-before-that09.jpg

Let’s start with EDA. The below exploration depicts that the number of funding made in 2016 was the highest, followed by 2015, but decreased gradually.

Many startups got funding in 2015-16, which might be because of startup India -, an initiative by the Government of India declared in August 2015.

The total amount invested in startups was more in 2015, followed by 1.6 billion USD in 2019.


Role of Cities in Funding

It is a well-known fact that Bengaluru is the startup hub of India. Let’s see whether the below data supports the same.


The above analysis depicts that Bengaluru has a significant share of its own by helping the Indian economy by providing maximum employment. The total funding by this city is maximum at about 2.19 Billion, which drastically drops with Mumbai and NCR regions, followed by Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

Industries Favored by Investors for Funding


A total of 941 startups have received funding for the Consumer Internet Industry. The total funding for eCommerce is 0.87 billion, followed by Consumer Internet (0.6 billion), Transportation (0.39 billion), and Technology (0.22 billion).

Significant Investors in the Indian Ecosystem


The Seed funding is primarily used for startup investments, followed by Private Equity and Sir Ratan Tata. His total funding is 25 and is still increasing, followed by Angel Network (23), Kalaari Capital (16), etc.

The total amount invested by Westbridge Capital is 0.39 billion in Rapido Bike Taxi, and Softbank is 0,29 billion USD in Flipkart.

Amount of Funds Startups Get in India

Swiggy, Paytm, Nykaa, Ola Cabs, etc., has received maximum funding because of their constant innovation in serving consumers with AI.

Flipkart received the highest funding of 0.4 billion USD, followed by Rapido Bike Taxi with 0.39 billion USD.


The average funding received is 15 million USD. On the whole, the Indian startup market is helping innovations to encourage entrepreneurs.

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