How to Scrape Bath & Body Works Without Coding?


When it comes to extracting data from the internet, web scraping is the best possible way. It is the process of scraping data automatically and saving it in a CSV file format. Scraping e-commerce websites enables users to provide data from customers’ reviews and feedback. The growing volume of online data is increasing the business to adopt data-driven decision-making strategies. The report states that data-driven companies are 20% more profitable and have a 50% better understanding of their customers. It makes web scraping important for a business that relies on data, especially e-commerce websites that use publicly available data for monitoring customers, analyzing competitors, and generating leads.

So, here we will explain how to scrape data from Bath & Body Works website without coding method or any other e-commerce site having a load more button.

Let’s start with downloading and then registering with your free account with iWeb Data Scraping.

About Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Limited Liability Company is a famous American merchandizing chain selling candles, lotions, soaps, and fragrances. Incepted in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio, the company has flourished across six continents. Today, the company owns more than 1,900 stores across the globe, along with a strong e-commerce presence. This tutorial will show how to scrape Bath & Body Works product data. Using this technique, you can scrape Bath, body, and other beauty products from other e-commerce websites.

However, using the Bath & Body Works scraper can also help access data on public websites and extract and copy data from them.

This website has a load more button instead of the following page button. Hence, loading more buttons will teach you how to use iWeb Data Scraping to scrape e-commerce pages.

Let’s start with the scraping procedure.

Stepwise Guide to Scrape Bath and Body Works Data (Without Any Coding)

Step 1: Get Bath and Body Works Scraper in iWeb Data Scraping Store

Visit Bath and Body Works scraper and click on the option ‘Try it for free.’ If you have not signed in to the console, you must first create your account to speed up the process.

Step-1 Step 2: Choose the Required Data for Scraping

Let’s try to scrape the Bath and Body Works website. The scarper will find all the information regarding product details, descriptions, categories, sub-categories, product names, reviews, etc. However, you can also add additional parameters based on your scraping needs.

Step-2 Step 3: Run the Data Scraper

So, we created an uncertain variable, extracted all products, omitted them to load additional products, and then set up the project to scrape every available product. We are now all set to scrape Bath & Body Works product data.

Once you find your inputs, click on the orange-colored Start button. It will change your status to Running. Wait for the scraper to run and finish the task. The complete process will take only a few minutes. After completion, the search will give 30 initial results as we have limited up to 30. The scraper won’t stop until it finds all the data.


You can test, run, and schedule your scraping process using it. Here, we will scrape every candle data available on this website. The output will look like this.

You-can-test-run-and-schedule-your-scraping-process-using-it Step 4: Download the Data

The output tab shows the overview of the results. Go to the Storage tab to find accurate data. You can download the data in multiple formats, including CSV, JSON, HTML, EXCEL, RSS Feed, and XML. Data preview is possible simply by clicking the ‘Preview button’ or ‘View in the new tab. Download the extracted data on a spreadsheet.


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