How to Scrape Reddit Data Using Reddit Data Scraper?


Reddit is a website that comprises social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion. It is one of the most popular platforms on the internet, known for its wide array of communities known as "subreddits." Subreddits are where users can share content, participate in discussions, and vote on posts and comments. The coverage of the posts exclusively depends on how much engagement it has. Every subreddit has moderators to check whether the submissions are relevant to subreddit topics, are not spam, and adhere to the rule. However, to collect data from reddit, it’s better to opt social media data scraping services.

Reddit comprises more than 100,000 active communities and over 430 monthly active users. In 2005, Reddit came and became popular like other social media sites.

Features of Reddit

  • Reddit contains several topic-based communities known as subreddits. Each subreddit focuses on a specific theme or interest, such as technology, sports, movies, science, music, or even niche hobbies.
  • Reddit uses a voting system where users can upvote or downvote posts and comments. This system determines the visibility and ranking of content within a subreddit and the site.
  • Users accumulate "karma" points based on the upvotes they receive on their posts and comments. Karma measures a user's reputation within the Reddit community.
  • A team of moderators moderates each subreddit. They apply community-specific rules, remove spam or inappropriate content, and ensure discussions remain civil and on-topic.
  • Reddit is famous for its "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) format, where individuals host live question-and-answer sessions with the Reddit community, including celebrities, experts, and public figures.
  • Reddit offers a premium membership called "Reddit Gold," which provides additional features and benefits. Users can also award each other virtual badges known as "awards" to showcase appreciation for high-quality content or comments.
  • Users can subscribe to their favorite subreddits to customize their homepage feed and receive updates from those communities.
  • Reddit has guidelines that provide information about what is and isn't allowed on the platform. These guidelines promote respectful behavior, discourage spamming and harassment, and prohibit illegal activities.

Importance of Scraping Reddit

  • Depending upon the specific use case, there are several benefits to scrape data from Reddit.
  • Data Analysis and Research: Scrape Reddit data to collect large-volume of user-generated content and discussions. This data is helpful for several research purposes, studying user behavior, identifying trends, conducting sentiment analysis, and analyzing the impact of specific topics.
  • Reddit data scraping can provide valuable insights into consumer opinions, preferences, and product, brand, or industry discussions. Understanding their target audience, identifying emerging trends, monitoring competitors, and making data-driven decisions are helpful.
  • Scraping Reddit data gathers a diverse range of ideas from different subreddits. This content can be curated, analyzed, and used as original content across various platforms like blogs, websites, social media, or newsletters.
  • Businesses can monitor discussions of their brand on Reddit through scraping. It will help them to understand the public sentiment, identify customer issues or complaints, address concerns promptly, and manage their online reputation.
  • Extract data from Reddit using Reddit data scraping services to help businesses gather feedback, suggestions, and user opinions about their products or services. It will help improve the product, identify pain points, and guide future development strategies.
  • It helps connect with users and promptly answer all their questions.
  • It helps to monitor news and keep ahead of the potential profits or losses from Reddit activity.

List of Data Fields


Scrape Reddit data using Reddit data scraper to collect following data fields.

  • Post date
  • Comment data
  • User data
  • Subreddit data
  • Metadata
  • Content text
  • Media content
  • Reddit's leaderboard

Reasons Why Official Reddit API Isn't the Right Choice?

Below mentioned are the reasons why you must use Reddit data scraper rather than the official API

  • The official Reddit API must be authentic to scrape the website.
  • Commercial usage needs special authorization.
  • It requires the developers to register to avail a token to use the official API.
  • One must follow the specific rules to follow the usage guidelines.

Steps Involved in Scraping Reddit

To scrape Reddit data, go to the iWeb Data Scraping and find the scrapers alphabetically. Find the Reddit Scrapoer and click on the try free button.

After finding your desired scraper, feed the details you want from Reddit. You need to select your starting point.

  • URLs of specific subreddits, posts, and profiles.
  • Keywords across the whole Reddit site.

Scraping Reddit Posts from Subreddits

Go to Reddit and find the subreddits you wish to extract from. Copy their URLs and then paste them into the Start URLs fields. You can add as you want.


Now, copy and paste the URLs of desired subreddits. It will help you to extract all the posts and user pages. The subreddit data will comprise the poster’s name, timestamp, comments, usernames, number of replies, upvotes, comments, etc.

Scraping Reddit Comments from Posts

Now, to scrape comments, pick the specific posts.


The scraped comment data comprises the poster’s usernames, URLs in the post, timestamp, scraping timestamp, comments, number of replies, etc.

Scrape Reddit Using Search Terms

There is also an option of scraping Reddit by a search term rather than scraping it by pasting a URL. It would be best to type a keyword in the Search field.

Now, choose what you want to search: posts, comments, communities, or users containing keywords. If needed, filter the scraping results by date and choose the option that your search is in novelty, trending, amount of comments, etc.


If all your scraping parameters are available, click on the Start button. The status will show you Running. It might take a few minutes to complete the scraping process. After complete scraping, the status will change to Succeeded.

Next, collect your Reddit data by clicking on the Export result button. You can also go to the storage tab that contains the scraped data in multiple formats, including JSON, HTML, CSV, EXCEL, and XML. To preview data, click the preview button and download it as needed.

The scraped posts and comments from Reddit will look like this:


The scraped comments from posts will appear like this:


The data scraped from the search term will appear like this:

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