How to Use Google Maps Data Scraper to Scrape Google My Business Data Including Images?


Google Map is a free service from Google that helps list your business to gain several local customers for your business or website. It helps provide driving directions, map views, and contact details about the company or place of interest.

Google Maps boasts information related to business. Whether it is healthcare or tech startups, you can easily find information on Google Maps. You can also add your business to Google Maps using content like videos, photos, web addresses, categories, hours, website links, phone numbers, and many more. Google Maps has data and directions for any business through business listings. Millions of people search daily on Google Maps for different shops, locations, products, and industries. They can be your customers if you have their data with you. Getting this data is an excellent tool for your marketing strategy. But how can you collect this data? Let’s understand this in detail.

Why Scrape Google Maps?

Google Maps comprise enormous business profile data, including ratings, addresses, website addresses, and phone numbers. Not only is this information robust, but it also has data directories for market analysis and business intelligence. It is also helpful in generating leads as it also possesses business contact details.

These days scraping data from Google Maps has become a hot cake, as several companies are inclining towards this highly efficient and modern way of collecting business leads.

Google Maps has become a b2b lead generation platform for b2b marketers, businesses, and freelancers. Every month more than one billion people use Google Maps to monitor traffic, market a product or service, and obtain valid business information from thousands of businesses with their contact details. These businesses often share their business info, logos, photos, emails, opening hours, phone numbers, etc., to find and contact them quickly.

All those information is helpful for customers and businesses. And what’s the best way to access all the data from Google Maps? The answer is Google map Scraping.

How Does Google Map Scraping Help Business Growth?

Google Maps scraping is done via a scraping tool to extract data from Google Maps to excel. It then exports the data in a structured format, including CSV, Excel, or Text Files. Businesses use this data to revamp their scaling process.

You can easily scrape bulk data from the required listings without any restrictions.

Are you considering selling your products or services to healthcare or tech startups? With an effective and affordable solution, you can quickly achieve numerous businesses in this industry with reliable phone number lists, images, directions, etc. Grabbing images using Google Maps business scraper will enable you to track which business has images of its storefront.

Google Maps Photos are the most valuable resource. These data are essential for studying, analyzing, and several purposes. However, it is not possible to download every photo one by one. So, extracting and downloading all photos in a place is required for several reasons. Hence, for this purpose, web scraping is the best tool. It can extract all the photos from a location on Google Maps without wasting time and effort.

Scraping images from Google is difficult as Google doesn’t allow scraping. In such a case, we will enter the store names manually and grab the URL of all images from Google Business Locations. Getting the photos will indicate which image has the location’s storefront images.

Let’s grab images from Google maps with pagination and multiple search queries:

Google Maps generally shows photos that get added by users and place owners. For popular businesses and places, images are available.


As it is possible to extract photos from all businesses in a category, scraping them from a single place with just the location link is easy.


It is possible to scrape directly with place links when activating basic queries like place Ids, keywords, URLs, etc.


Scraping Photos from Places with Categories


If you want to scrape images from Google Maps categories, we will first scrape the places on the selected location in the background. Then, we will scrape photos of these places one by one. On choosing the category, a ready-made list will appear. The target category is available from the list.


Photos limit per single place

This parameter determines how many photos you will scrape from each business category. If you want to enter all images, enter a significant number. In this way, you can download all photo links without limitation.


Easily track your task progress.


Apart from the images, you can scrape other parameters like:

For scraping place title:


For obtaining place ratings

For obtaining place ratings.jpg

For obtaining place description


For obtaining the place address


To obtain contact details


For obtaining reviews


Let’s elaborate by taking an example one by one

Title and Rating Scraping


The output will be


Title and Address Scraping


The output will be


Title and Contact Number Scraping


The output will be


Title and Reviews Scraping


The output will be


Implementing Code


And the final output will be


Final Words: While scraping images from Google Maps, ensure you enter the right and specific keywords for better results. It is helpful for small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, etc., to help them get readable and scalable information from Google Maps.

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