What is the Importance of Medical & Pharmaceutical Data Extraction?


The healthcare industry is known to be the largest generator and consumer of data. In the year 2021, the data analytics expense for the healthcare sector was nearly US $29.1 Billion. However, this figure will rise significantly at a CAGR of 21.5% between 2022-30. Every data, from a general clinic visit to a major surgery, is highly responsible for this considerable analytics market.

In today's dynamic and ever-changing competitive battleground, pharma companies are churning themselves to get emergence and enhance their performance. Hence, to gain a competitive advantage and harness the opportunities in the market, the pharmaceutical industry requires pharma companies to transform quickly using robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics.

The report says that in 2021, the world’s pharmaceutical industry expected a market worth $1070, which grew yearly at 58% from 2017. In 2016, Americans alone spent 328 bn dollars on prescribed drugs.

Additionally, the paperwork, including transcription, insurance claims processing, and administrative functions, can be overwhelming for any medical institute to manage appropriately. Hence, the solution is outsourcing healthcare data scraping services to get relevant data for every medical need. The scraped data could minimize the chances of error in the treatment lifecycles and documentation.

But, the benefits of web scraping pharmaceutical data continue. With the vast repository WWW always waiting to offer invaluable information, data scraping can alter the business trajectory of any healthcare institution.

Role of Web Scraping in the Healthcare industry

With digital technology constantly capturing human actions, online data have become the most important source for every sector, and scraping medicine details from pharmaceutical website is no such exception. There is a hope that this vast amount of data related to medicine and public health on the web will help overcome the knowledge gaps, leading to health innovations and enhanced health outcomes. The massive amount of internet data means there is a requirement for effective data collection and processing. Hence, seeking healthcare and medicine data scraping service is a persuasive method of gathering digital data.

Web scraping is an alternative to manual data collection that automates the data extraction and organization process via computer programs.

What Information is Scrapable?

According to "Healthcare Analytics and Big Data', healthcare comprises nearly 50 petabytes of data. This sector comprises a wide range of data, including Legal requirements, regulatory requirements, and health insurance records. All these data are usable in multiple ways to produce meaningful insights.

For Public information, the following data fields are available from healthcare websites using medical & pharmaceutical data extraction: Doctors' names, specialties, other important information, medical devices, and associated goods. Public health system data helps promote public health and scientific research.

Medicine data scraping is the automated process of collecting medicine and healthcare data from multiple websites and producing the same in CSV, XLS, XML, or Excel format. This data is helpful for online medical stores to collect all essential details of medicine, highly selling medicines, reviews, ratings, etc.

There are several pharmaceutical companies listed online. Their websites contain innumerable prescriptions, Over Counter medicines, and medical equipment, like sanitizers, masks, and thermometers. As the best source of medicine, equipment, and prescriptions. These pharmaceutical websites provide users with valuable data about medicines doctors prescribe. All these data are essential if you are willing to create your pharmaceutical website. Scrape pharmaceutical data from a website to get multiple data fields for comparison and analysis.

List of Data Fields

  • Brand Name
  • Product URL
  • MRP
  • Manufacturer
  • Dosage
  • Listed Price
  • Primary Use
  • Prescription Required
  • Pack Size
  • Pack Info
  • Image URL
  • Descriptions
  • Symptoms for
  • Number of Views
  • Number of Purchasers

How Web Scraping and Web Automation Redefining the Pharma and Healthcare Sectors


Web scraping is impacting the healthcare and pharma sectors majorly. Below are some of the significant aspects where web scraping pharma companies is required.

  • Machine Learning: Pharmacy App data Scraping services can generate a massive scale of datasets from the internet with defined variables for training AI and research models. You can quickly propel your research using a high pool of publicly available data.
  • Document Processing: Documentation is another big challenge in the pharma industry. Maintaining a correct record of patients is extremely important. The method helps process and analyze vast amounts of natural language data, including social media, reviews, location data, and images. All these data help test the hypothesis.
  • Market Research: Use pharmaceutical data collection services to collect data from websites and news sources to identify correlations, monitor public sentiments, and aggregate updated intelligence.
  • Product Tracking: Track products, listings, keywords, and other relevant data from several pharmaceutical companies to monitor their performance.
  • New Drug Development: Analyze large amounts of data from selective websites to identify emerging patterns and develop new drugs. Be first to notify patients and other stakeholders about essential updates immediately.
  • Automate your Workflows: Automate all your workflows that you generally perform manually. It does repetitive tasks of completing online forms and copy-pasting data between your system.

Let's understand how pharmaceutical data is beneficial for pharma companies.

There are several benefits of pharmaceutical data extraction. Listed below are some of them:

  • Speed up Drug Discovery & Development: With the skyrocketing cost of introducing new drugs in the market and the expiration of the drug's patents, the pharma industries are looking to speed up the drug's introduction process. By seeking the help of massive datasets, including scientific publications, identified group data, academic research papers, etc., pharmaceutical analytics can enable companies make more intelligent and informed decisions to speed up the drug discovery process, thereby leading to increased financial performance.
  • Accelerate the Clinical Trials Efficacy: Pharmaceutical businesses can use big data analytics to cut costs and accelerate clinical trials by determining and analyzing several data points, including remote patient monitoring data, participant's demographic & historical data, and determining past clinical trial events data using pharmaceutical data scraper.
  • Simply by optimizing the complete process, the firms can speed up the process of disease diagnosis and can design more efficient groups and trials.

  • Customize & Targeted Medicines: One size fits all rule never applies here. Each individual has a specific genome. Hence, there is a need for medicine customization. Hence, handling complex data using current technology and biology is possible. In such instances, big data analytics available via web scraping pharma websites can quickly solve this problem by integrating with the patient's data's medical sensor, genomic sequencing, and electronic medical records.
  • Companies can use this data to generate more effective and personalized medication for their patients.

  • Minimize Cost and Improve Drug Utilization: By analyzing data on critical metrics like drug utilization review saving per member per year, average component cost per prescription, and refund as a percentage of entire drug expenditure, pharmaceutical companies can make smarter decisions to boost revenue and minimize costs.
  • Drive Actual Sales and Marketing Processes: By collecting essential data points, pharma business intelligence can enable several new players prioritize their efforts and gain a competitive advantage. It will thus help understand the performance of sales representatives and make enhanced and fast decisions.
  • Restructure Compliance: With strict government regulations increasing every passing day, failing to follow to the rules can result in significant civil & criminal proceedings, which not only can harm the drug maker's standing and result in making large payments to settle down the charges.

The scraped pharmaceutical data can help quickly unwrap the insights to streamline government decisions and identify the gaps in current drug safety.

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