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Pinterest is a popular social media platform enabling users to discover, save, and share images, videos, articles, and other content like ‘pins.’ Launched in 2010, it has become one of the leading platforms for ideas, inspiration, ideas, and creative content. With unlimited data, Pinterest is the best source to collect information. Scraping it on your own would be highly complex. At iWeb Data Scraping, we offer the best Pinterest data scraping services to extract data, including textual data, pin metrics, related pins and recommendations, image URLs, pin data, board data, etc., from Pinterest across the USA, UK, Dubai, Canada, India, Australia, France, Germany, UAE, Spain, Philippines, and Mexico. Leverage the benefit of our advanced Pinterest data scraper useful for collecting pins related to a particular topic or collecting information about users who share interests.

Scraping data from Pinterest profiles will help you gain detailed insights into competitor strategies, engagement levels, content types, etc. Social media data scraping will help you refine your strategies, identify opportunities, and benchmark your performance against competitors.

Pinterest Scraper Overview

  • The web scraping framework, including BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Puppeteer, or Selenium of
  • Pinterest, can provide functionalities to interact with websites, parse HTML, and extract data.
  • The Pinterest scraping tool can handle the authentication process to handle cookies and sessions.
  • It can crawl through Pinterest’s website and navigate to multiple pages, such as pins, boards, user profiles, and search results.
  • The scraper can handle dynamic JavaScript or AJAX requests to retrieve or extract data from the updated HTML.
  • It uses proprietary site-unlocking technology.
  • The scraper possesses rate-limiting mechanisms to control the frequency of requests and ensure compliance with Pinterest’s scraping policy.
  • The scraper adheres to the usage restrictions, follows Pinterest guidelines, and respect copyright regulations.

Pinterest hashtag

Sample Input
Sample Output
                "media_url": "https:\/\/\/236x\/18\/7b\/c4\/187bc4e07ad6d6d161c633c032f7db57.jpg",
                "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/15270086230033827\/",
                "title": "I love You Enough To Fight For You,"

Pinterest discovery

Sample Input
Sample Output
                "saved_from": "",
                "title": "Some of My Favorite Prints - Oh Joy!",
                "created_at": "Sun, 28 Nov 2021 22:46:34 +0000",
                "description": "I\u0027m excited to share a curated collection of picks with a focus on BIPOC independent artists I love...",
                "tags": [
                    "Odio El Amor",
                    "Tatuajes Simplistas",
                    "Almohadas De Colores",
                    "Cojines Para El Suelo",
                    "Bloqueo De Color",
                    "Diseño De Casa"
                "categories": [
                    "Decoración Del Hogar",
                    "Arte Mural"
                "category": "No category",
                "media_url": "https:\/\/\/ohjoy\/for-the-home\/",
                "image_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/bf\/57\/e4\/bf57e49725e5d304bca6c0f13d36552a.png",
                "url_under_image": "https:\/\/\/my_weblog\/2021\/09\/some-of-my-favorite-prints.html",
                "added_by": {
                    "img": "https:\/\/\/75x75_RS\/82\/9b\/5d\/829b5daf85f4adc2e224b0031d5294e0.jpg",
                    "name": "Oh Joy",
                    "url": "https:\/\/\/ohjoy"
                "more_information": {
                    "find_more_on": "https:\/\/\/ohjoy\/for-the-home\/",
                    "by": "https:\/\/\/ohjoy\/"
                "more_posts": [
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/2a\/eb\/91\/2aeb917730728b381790821d4adba275.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/466122630191846904\/",
                        "title": "New life new room art wall  all stuff ordered from AliExpress"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/54\/eb\/1e\/54eb1ec7d94f5724e37d7c3c87f205b5.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/4433299603328491\/",
                        "title": "WHITE FURNITURE"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/e4\/de\/8d\/e4de8d1bcc21d9555f8fffaa9a2573cf.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/painting-sketch--50102614594804238\/",
                        "title": "Painting Sketch"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/ed\/b9\/49\/edb9492ce006ced7ba21b6e3ec6c18ed.png",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/255297872618146295\/",
                        "title": "Brushed Knit Throw Blanket"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/27\/8a\/c1\/278ac1461534b79ebe8e41f103e7f7f8.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/574560864933721942\/",
                        "title": "Loading results | Society6"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/38\/c2\/6c\/38c26cee4f5e4e9454114357bf988d6e.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/114278909271899303\/",
                        "title": "Mareike boehmer Artist"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/5a\/cf\/55\/5acf551979dae6a0bc40a18d5d6aa419.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/terracotta-vase-diy--368450813274743042\/",
                        "title": "Terracotta Vase DIY"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/a2\/9e\/fd\/a29efd7c5aca0a703f9a06be28f3732c.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/121667627424706951\/",
                        "title": "Wall Decor - The Home Depot"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/39\/2f\/60\/392f60862542209866752250527e90f6.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/401101910571616482\/",
                        "title": "24 Trendy Ideas For Baby Art Nursery Canvases"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/2a\/09\/48\/2a094896a70feb8584dc9a261a21c49f.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/787496684848745889\/",
                        "title": "Abstract Marble Vein Wall Art Colorful Fine Art Canvas Prints Nordic Style Contemporary Design Pictures For Living Room Bedroom Wall Decor"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/3e\/34\/53\/3e34533a29cc479d72ac44c8d000f6f3.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/gallery-wall-trio-of-green-gold-artworks--723320390159579423\/",
                        "title": "Gallery Wall Trio of Green \u0026 Gold Artworks"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/60\/c8\/27\/60c827734ddfdb4ff22596d17c9181be.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/351912460533940\/",
                        "title": "𝒦 on Twitter"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/bc\/20\/71\/bc2071c9406801bc9882bffbc6ea7d26.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/18718154670735908\/",
                        "title": "Even More Maps For Travel-Inspired Decor"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/76\/ea\/52\/76ea52c9ff3ed654e55da569247fe3bd.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/67765169384606615\/",
                        "title": "893 Likes, 31 Comments - Leah Bartholomew (@leahbartholomew) on Instagram: “Hello Melbourne! Today is the fir… | Plant pot diy, Painted pots diy, Painted plant pots"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/8b\/70\/ea\/8b70ead2aa2d2582cbf244cc5313749f.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/flags-limited-edition-art-print-in-2022--11399805453287287\/",
                        "title": "Flags Limited Edition Art Print"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/7d\/9b\/e8\/7d9be8802bc059be219e5b28c05a3754.png",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/551198441905624076\/",
                        "title": "Modern Wall Hanging, Long Geometric Wall Hanging, Terracotta Circular Wall Art, Mid Century Modern Wall Decor, Neutral Boho Wooden Garland"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/95\/56\/92\/95569237a6f6ef663171f31344b4cc4d.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/345792077651301454\/",
                        "title": "Geometric view Art Print"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/47\/d8\/58\/47d8586f6b4fb9ba3d51a76401396983.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/27021666505210796\/",
                        "title": "Perfekte Lösung für schmale Flure"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/99\/f3\/7b\/99f37b91f5e9b204bfb3e5f42a10b7e7.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/girl-on-the-moon-wall-art-print-plant-lover-gift-plant-mom-art-gift-for-her--155303887527604123\/",
                        "title": "Girl On The Moon Wall Art Print, Plant Lover Gift, Plant Mom Art, Gift For Her"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/62\/7b\/67\/627b67f9ac5be47302f8ffcd6cbf0811.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/100627372914812088\/",
                        "title": "Craft-o-Rama"
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/d9\/51\/2a\/d9512a9d37ab749d0edc749c46a74ade.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/hello-june-hand-lettering-and-watercolor-and-calligraphy-using-brush-pens--578642252127765159\/",
                        "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/eb\/19\/36\/eb1936a1f11e638e687ea9b6fcb83779.jpg",
                        "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/how-i-use-baskets-in-home-decor--63965257201870555\/",
                        "title": "How I use baskets in  home decor"

How To Use Data Collected with the Pinterest Data Extractor?

  • The scraped data helps enhance the marketing campaigns with data on users, boards, and trending topics.
  • Use the data to monitor how users react to your catalog and understand customer preferences.
  • Scrape and use the data for research purposes, including user preferences, analyzing trends, or understanding consumer behavior on Pinterest.
  • Data scraped through Pinterest Data Scraping Services can provide valuable insights into the strategies and content types used by the competitors. Businesses can identify opportunities and benchmark their performance by analyzing their board, pins, and user engagement.
  • Scraped data can help identify popular products, consumer preferences, or emerging trends. It can help in decision-making processes related to inventory management, product development, and marketing campaigns.

How it works

  • STEP 1

    Choose the website you would like to scrape public data from, in real-time.

  • STEP 2

    Select the frequency: real-time or scheduled, and delivery format: JSON, CSV, HTML, or Microsoft Excel.

  • STEP 3

    Decide where to send the data: webhook, email, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SFTP, or API.

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