Scraping Airline Data – A Boon for the Tourism Industry


Nowadays, data scraping has become the most prominent tool for all businesses looking to generate productive markets and perform competitor research online. This allows them to utilize the most efficient and beneficial business strategies. Moreover, the power of data has been seen both in private and business life.

Modern data technologies have provided several tools and methods for data extraction. And above all, web scraping has proved to be the best. Several industries nowadays use web scraping to parse important information from the pool of web databases.

Businesses operating in this tough competitive market must perform their best to stay caught up to the competitors. One such industry is the travel industry which has witnessed extensive growth. Seeking professional help from reliable web scraping services like iWeb data Scraping, website owners will easily collect specific market data and set the best pricing strategies. This will, in turn, make them more competitive.

Cut-Throat Competition in Travel and Tourism Industry

In recent years, the aviation sector has seen a magnificent rise in the number of players in the market. Higher competition means airlines must stay competitive in the market in terms of prices while offering seamless travel experiences to travelers. When compared to other industries, customer retention is complex. This is because several variable factors keep on altering constantly. This is one of the primary reasons why web scraping of airline data is gaining tremendous popularity.

iWeb Data Scraping is a well-known scraping service provider providing all the flight data and their pricing. Whether you are looking to scrape data from Ryanair, EasyJet, or Wizzair airlines for a week non-stop or from others, the company will assist you well. The data are updated hourly and are available in CSV format.

For any service-oriented business, customer satisfaction is the highest priority. Therefore, service providers must provide their customers with the best travel arrangements. Scraping flight and ticketing data from several sources, including airlines, competitors, and OTAs, will help you enhance your decision-making.

What is Data Scraping?

Data scraping, also depicted as web scraping, is a process that helps extract the data you require in large quantities. It generally eases copy-pasting or browsing through multiple sites when you need specific information. The data scraping tool will automatically parse the necessary information from any websites you need and import it into a spreadsheet. When used correctly, it will boost your business and its brand value.

Most travel companies make use of the data like:

  • Travel listing
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Profiles of reviewers
  • Flight details (arrival time, departure time, duration of flight)
  • Ticket prices (changes throughout the year)

Importance of Airline Data Scraping


Data tells the truth. Extracting flight data from different OTAs and other external sources will benefit both short-term and long-term.

Updates on Real-Time Pricing

Airline travel ticket prices primarily fluctuate, especially during holidays and travel seasons. If you depend on the external source for the flight information to be received by your customers, ensure that those data are accurate and on time. Automated extraction from your data sources ensures that you display accurate and real-time data.

Advantages in Comparting Prices

Pricing plays a significant role when it comes to comparing data. While collecting data from different sources like OTAs, airlines, etc., web scraping makes it convenient for price comparison. This ensures you stay updated on the best deals for yourself and your customers regarding routes with few layovers, shorter flight durations, and cheaper tickets

Scraping your competitors’ websites gives you an idea of their pricing strategies. You can adjust yours and achieve fair pricing.

Market Intelligence

Collecting and analyzing airline data from multiple sources gives you an idea of how airline ticket rates fluctuate. It is effortless to identify trends. This involves the details, including flight availability during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and how rates are comparable to the rest of the year.

By airline data scraping, you can easily leverage the current trends and sentiment analysis to plan and prioritize marketing campaign strategies. This will ensure that you stay connected with the right audience.

Requisite for Web Scraping Services for Collecting Airline Data

The following data fields are necessary for collecting flight and airfare information.

  • Flight name/ID
  • Airline
  • Airport Names (Origin and Destination)
  • Departure and Arrival Dates and Times
  • Total Flight Duration, etc.,

Most of the above information is available, but manually collecting and entering the data into spreadsheets is tedious. This is why web scraping service plays the role of scraping on your behalf. Let’s understand the role of web scraping services.

  • Easily Customizable: Data extraction services can easily offer custom solutions for your business needs. In addition to the above-mentioned data fields, they can scrape other information you require. After scraping, the data are available in desired and most convenient format.
  • Cost-Effective: The popular flight providers source their data from different sources of OTAs. Paying every source is ineffective. In such an instance, web scraping services can offer cost-effective solutions to scrape flight data from all your sources.
  • Easily Scalable: As the business flourishes, you require more OTAs and airlines to add to your list of data sources. Performing this task in-house is a cumbersome task as it takes enough time and effort. Scraping services are effective in dealing with such issues. They are highly equipped with adequate resources and technologies to manage highly demanding requests.
  • Automating the Constant Data Flow: It is essential to keep track of any changes to flight details and constantly flow information into your system. This is one of the significant challenges you face while working with multiple data sources. Partnering with reliable data scraping services will give you peace of mind. They ensure that each data source is delivered to you accurately and routinely.


The amalgamation of the digital sphere and tourism has significantly impacted several profits for the travel industry. It has given an edge to business owners to stay ahead of their competitors. For professional Airline data scraping services, you can contact iWeb Data Scraping. We also offer mobile app scraping services and web scraping services at affordable prices

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