What are the Top 10 Most Scraped Websites in 2023?


Web scraping has become one of the most trending methods for data collection from numerous websites. With the rising capital flow globally, the importance of web data scraping is popular among freelancers, researchers, and businesses. It helps to collect web data on a large scale efficiently and accurately.

In this blog, we will emphasize the top 10 most scraped websites.


  • E-commerce Sites : E-commerce websites are the most scraped websites, among others, in quantity and frequency. As online shopping is in high demand among consumers, it becomes essential for the owners to stay competitive in the market. Major e-commerce data collectors are storefront retailers, online sellers, and consumers.
  • Directories Sites : Directories sites are also getting popular. These sites organize businesses by categories and serve as an active information filter for reliable data collection. Scraping data from directories sites will help generate quality leads and enhance business opportunities.
  • Social Media : Social Media contains information, including emotions, human opinions, and daily actions. Scraped data from social media is essential for sentiment analysis. Scraping data from social media is very challenging. It is because these sites use anti-scraping techniques to protect the user's privacy.
  • Other Sites : This includes job boards, tourism, and search engine. The web-scraped data is essential to fulfilling their interests.

Listed below are the top 10 most scraped websites in 2023.


Mercadolibre: Although this site is rare among many, it is a household e-commerce marketplace in Latin American countries. It is the most significant contributor to revenue. During the rise of the pandemic, the growth of this company was nearly $63 billion on Nasdaq. In The Financial Times, it is Latin America's response to China's Alibaba.

iWeb Data Scraping considers this site among Spanish users and formulated the readymade template where users can quickly enter the listing page URLs and get the data fields, including price, product name, image URLs, detail page URLs, etc.


Twitter: As per the Statistics, Twitter has around 330 million active users monthly and 145 million active users daily. With a significant number of users, Twitter is the platform that allows socializing and sharing and is the perfect destination for branding and marketing.

People seek data on Twitter for various reasons, including industrial research, customer experience management, sentiment analysis, etc. The scraped tweets data is helpful for several business purposes.


Indeed: Indeed giant job board has received 175 million CVs. Nowadays, people prefer to search for a job online rather than the traditional method. In recent years, generating a job aggregator has become profitable. It is done only by web scraping.

Job board builders benefit from job data. HR professionals, to-be job hoppers, job seekers, researchers, etc., focusing on recruitment and job markets, are all looking for job data. Getting a broad market picture will help you succeed if you are looking for a job.


TripAdvisor: The travel industry has faced many challenges during the pandemic and is now coming on track. Hence, the need to scrape tourist websites is increasing dramatically. But why do you scrap Airbnb, booking.com, TripAdvisor, etc.? It is because the scarped data can give a detailed insight about the service agents who tends to provide integrated service for tourists like hotel or restaurant booking, ticketing, etc.

Web scraping is also helpful for comparing prices. Intelligent business owners can use this facility to create price-comparing sites for the public.


Google: Having an advanced machine learning algorithm, Google is the robot that knows everything. It is a pool of information in which you get everything when you dive in. So, what do you get when you scrape Google?

SEO marketers are highly interested in Google searches. Their objective in scraping data from Google is to monitor the keyword set, collect titles, descriptions, and keywords, and strategize SEO optimization.


YellowPages: As stated by Wikipedia, Yellowpages.com, abbreviated as YP, was founded in 1996, and with the passing years, the site has become one of the trendy directory websites hosting more than 60 million visitors every month.

Regarding web scraping, yellowpages.com is the best option for collecting businesses' contact details and addresses based on location. Using the iWeb Data Scraping template, you can scrape data like shop name, address, phone number, rating, etc. The scraped data is available in Excel, CSV, and JSON.


Yelp: Yelp is another best option to collect business data based on location. However, it does not only act as a business directory but acts as a free consultant for consumers hunting for food, home services, or any other option.

Yelp scraping is to get data from ratings and reviews and understand how vital a competitor's business is in the customer's eye.


Walmart: If you are in a retail business, you must know how to use data to track customers' every move to help boost sales. The data is also helpful in creating a transparent market and fulfilling the shopper's interest.

Web scraping is also helpful in creating a price comparison site. Especially for retailers and grocers, Walmart is an essential source of information to aggregate product data for market research.


eBay: E-commerce websites have always been the most popular sites for web scraping, and eBay is one of them. Several users run their businesses on eBay, and getting data from here is crucial to track competitors' movement and follow market trends. Scraping eCommerce websites like eBay will help you generate quality databases for market research.


Amazon: Amazon ranks high regarding the most scraped website. As it occupies a vast share of the e-commerce business, Amazon data is precious for any market research. It has the most extensive database. However, the biggest challenge while scraping the Amazon site is the captcha. It is the method of preventing the site from crashing. Data scraped from Amazon can help in

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Electing products
  • Monitoring MAP
  • Anal; using competition
  • Tracking price


Data is essential, but you can exploit its value without using an advanced handy tool. iWeb Data Scraping makes the data highly accessible to the users, whether they know coding or not.

For more information, contact iWeb Data Scraping now! You can also reach us for all your web scraping service and mobile app data scraping service requirements.

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